Thursday, September 12, 2013

It's an event: Another series of flood pics

Went out again this afternoon to see if I could get close enough to the three cars in the ditch, probably Rock Creek, West of Hwy 287 on Dillon Road, but the roads were all blocked off.

On  the way back home, I did discover this farmhouse at the Public Rd. roundabout looking dangerously near flooding.

And here a span of more comprehensive flooding.

Just around the corner is the entrance to the parking lot for the Public Rd. Trailhead. No cars allowed. Crime scene tape spanning the entrance.

This is where the picnic area is and where the trailhead was.

The breach has spanned three times the original width of the creek. This is where Kobi and I often met other dogs and owners. A nice place to escape. I wonder how long it will get back to normal ... or even recognizable. The white arrow is the original width of the creek. The red arrows are where the path used to go.

And this is where the path was on the other side of the bridge where cars stop and tourist and locals alike get out to take pictures and get shooed off by the cops. My house is up the way about a quarter mile and to the left another quarter mile ... or something like that. Just a note, the creek is actually on the RIGHT side of that red arrowed walking path line.

It's an event: Flooding in Boulder County

I was certain the ground could not hold much more moisture even though we always want for it here to waylay for the forest fires. The down side though is having had forest fires, this much water just causes a bigger mess in the burn scar areas.

Now down here in the city/town, we are just getting creeks that are swelling past their capacity. I went out briefly this morning since our company called a "flood day" and I didn't have to go in. Nice reprieve!

This is Coal Creek where it goes under 119th St. in Lafayette, CO North of South Boulder Rd. and South of Dillon Rd where three cars were "eaten" when the road collapsed. I couldn't get close the that to get pictures.

Here, our walking path (for Kobi and me) has been flooded such that we can't get to our normal resting bench.

And this is the cow pasture that is usually green and lush with cows munching their feed.
Notice the arrow that shows where the creek normally flows.

I didn't let Kobi in the really deep water, but he does love to explore.

Along the path I met a few other adventuresome folks. I asked these folks names, but think I only remember Mike correctly--maybe it's Katie and Mike. They were enjoying exploring the changing landscape also.

And up the road a bit, there is another foot bridge that crosses Rock Creek--now impassable. This was one of the starting points when I did my mini-camino in the fall of 2011. So dry then ... almost too dry.


Saturday, August 31, 2013

Creative Expression: I'm Moving ... to Ipernity

I thought I posted this here already, but obviously not. I've had a headache all week ... complications form a poorly adjusted new occlusal guard. Maybe that's the reason I didn't get this posted here. I am feeling human again!

I've decided to move from Flickr to Ipernity. No that's not a physical location, but a new (new to me) photosharing interface. I can't say I'm total frustrated with Flickr as some others, but I do find the new interface more challenging than the old one and I like Ipernity's simplicity. I plan to leave my photos on Flickr for now and start Ipernity forward from this point.

I keep finding myself pulled back, so may post the occasional image on Flickr, but I want see how Ipernity pans out.

You can find me at www.ipernity.com/home/lafcustomdesigns … yes, you can even customize your URL.

Thanks to Sebastian Michaels' Photoshop Grunge Artistry for lots of brushes and textures
in his Photoshop Grunge Artistry course.

Some of the benefits of Ipernity:

* Has the old Flickr "look"
* Customize your homepage
* Create albums
* Includes a Guestbook roll where people can leave a note unrelated to a specific image
* Log in with Facebook (I'd rather not, but some may like this feature)
* Move your Flickr photos to Ipernity; see script www.ipernity.com/blog/team/485851

The down side:

* As with all technology, there is a learning curve, but it's really pretty easy
* You will likely have to convince your friends to follow you to the new interface
* You might have to keep both Flickr and Ipernity going in parallel, at least for a bit
* You may feel like you're starting all over

Best to all. Thanks for connecting with me here at Flickr. I've made lots of great friends here.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Creative Expression: Moonrise Over Cloud Mountain

How is it this represents half a day's work! Well, there are a lot of elements--a custom-made brush from an image of clouds, layers of textures, and several images, and lots and lots of clipping masks!

Click image to see larger and in better detail 

Thanks to Sebastian Michaels' Photoshop Grunge Artistry
for lots of textures and vector masks.

One step just leads to another and before you know it the day's almost over. But at least I got some Photoshop play in this weekend.

Creative Expression: Taking a bad blurry photo to painterly art

This was a really bad picture ... blurry because Kobi was moving and I was taking the picture with one hand. I love it though because Kobi is enjoying the remnants of raspberry sorbet in the carton. Oh, and that moth on the edge of the cup ... didn't bother Kobi a bit ... it was Photoshopped in. ;->

I learned how to make a brush from my own photographs of clouds and marble, and using some warm colors enhanced the image creating a painterly effect.

I love learning and am so inspired by Sebastian Michaels even though I go off on strange tangents after watching his videos.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Tales from Kobi: A Quick Trip to Coal Creek

Mom had trouble deciding if this should go in Creative Expressions or if she wanted me to tell the story. I guess I won 'cause she's letting me tell the story.

She had one of her usual working coffee visits with her friend Shirley, but while it was still relatively cool outside, she took me for a walk to our usual haunt, Coal Creek. It's a really nice walking path and we almost always go to the crossing where I get a little drink. Truth is, it was already warm at 10 this morning, so when I saw that water, I just plopped right down in it! Ahhhh .... felt soooo good.

click image to see larger view in Flickr

Then Mom left me at home to visit her friend. She spent a LOT of time working on this composite, not only at the coffee shop, but later in the evening. It just wasn't coming together the way she wanted. I think she finally decided it was good.

Do you see the little frog statue in the right corner? She captured that along the way in someone's front yard. And those purple flowers that are big enough to be a bush ... they are little wild flowers that grow in clumps ... but I think this is pretty cool, just like that water I have my legs in.

Truth is though, I got all black from the sediment on the bottom of the creek and got half a bath when I got home ... just the bottom half to get all the yucky out of my fur. Sure did feel good to be cleaned up.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Creative Expressions: White Water and Pelicans watercolor

There are just some places one is called to ... for me that is any place with water, but particularly the Pacific Coast with its crashing waves and elegant broad-winged pelicans.

click image to see larger view on Flickr -- it's worth it! ;->

Since I live in Colorado, I'm not able to get to the coast anymore, but using the coffee stain texture below that I created this morning, and rushing river and pelican images I took here in Colorado, I was able to create my dreamscape--a place I can run off to when I need a break.

Feel free you download this 450px, 300 dpi texture Playing-450px.png and see what
you can do with it (right click image, Save Image As); all I ask is you link back
to this post ...oh, and I'd love it if you'd share your link with me. Thanks.  ;->

Thanks for visiting. It's always nice to see you here. Enjoy your weekend, my friends!

Creative Expression: Playing with brushes and images as textures

I think this piece is more like playing scales on the piano, doing stretches, or writing to prompts. Or maybe it's just like finger painting, but using a keyboard!

I started out with some brushes by Distressed Textures ... using different colors for each brush on separate layers so I could manipulate them individually.

Then I added a portrait such that it was almost unrecognizable except to the subject maybe.

I added a picture of a rock and one of a dandelion puff I'd taken on one of my many walks, then used blending modes until I liked the effect.

Just a short post for today. Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy your day!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Creative Expression: Hidden in the Shadows

I believe I've found my mojo again. I'm so glad I decided to take a new class. This work is quite a departure from most of my previous work. It will be interesting to see the development as I learn more from Sebastian Michaels.

I know, this seems a bit sinister. Maybe I've been watching too much Criminal Minds. But it's really not about that ... it's just how the images I chose came together.

Do you see the face ... a profile? It's really not a face at all ... it's tree limbs in the winter ... a picture I took while driving in the snow and fog earlier this year (see original image).

I think this could be an interesting cover for a mystery novel. What do you think? A bit of creepy and a bit of beauty and whimsy. Frankly, it makes me laugh because I don't typically go looking for this sort of thing. Maybe I'm up for a some mystery.

Creative Expression: Accelerating the Learning - Take One

I am SO excited!

I got a notice from Kim Klassen about Sebastian Michaels' Photoshop Grunge Artistry class over the weekend, but what kicked my into overdrive was my friend, cj's encouragement to really take a look at it. Last night I jumped right in and here is a composite of some of my North Sourdough Trail at Brainard Lake images. My intention is that it look like a magazine cover.

You may remember my report on this trip from a little over a week go ... if you'd like to know more about the trip as told by Kobi, see my past post.

mouseover to see before image
click to see larger in Flickr 

This is quite a complex piece as there are numerous layers, textures, and edge effects.

What a blast! I'm looking forward to really stepping up my artistic work. Maybe I can inspire you to join this class too. The great thing is all of the textures, brushes, and mask effects as well as the tutorial videos are available to you for life. So cool.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Creative Expression: Creative Altitude Church Dome - A Tutorial

I started by stealing ...

No, no, no ... not really stealing ... not the kind where I'll go to jail. But recently I was looking at the Denver Metro Chamber's Business Altitude quarterly magazine, Business Altitude, and I couldn't help, but like the play on words ... altitude (being in the Mile High state of Colorado) and attitude, which I can have plenty of sometimes. Playing with fonts gave me the perfect corner title, Creative Altitude.

I called this Church Dome because it reminds me of the Orthodox Church Domes of the European type.

For the first time since I started playing with Photoshop and creating original designs, I decided to show my work and provide a bit of a tutorial. You'll have to have Photoshop basics, know of textures and brushes, and understand the concept of layers.

Here are my steps ... to be read from the bottom up. You will notice some of the steps are not in a logical order ... that's how the creative mind works as most of you will completely understand!

  • So, you'll see that I started out with one of Kim Klassen's textures, oops just noticed I didn't name that one ... it's kk_jamal, part of her August trio.
  • Then added a layer of kk_cecile and made the layer smaller so as to have kk_jamal provide a border.
  • Added a French Kiss Flourish to the bottom right corner (not quite sure where to find these brushes anymore);
  • and kk_cecile texture, which I clipped into the flourish;
  • Added a full layer of kk_traverse;
  • Added French Kiss Script1 Stone Daisy brush with an inside bevel;
  • Clipped in a layer of kk_heartfelt; 
  • Created the title, Creative Altitude in three layers to get an angle using two different fonts: Herculanum and Trajan Pro;
  • Added a French Kiss Flourish in the upper left corner
  • Overlayed smaller French Kiss Script2 Stone Daisy with an inner bevel in the center of the large one
  • Added a French Kiss script in the lower left corner for interest
  • Used Plastic Wrap - Light 90px in the upper right corner for interest
  • Inserted Stencil Sponge Twirl in the center of each spoke with a drop shadow
  • Added Texture Comb 2 into the "spokes of the Stone Daisy
  • Added my company watermark for the limited protection it provides

Enough for today ... if you are so inclined to actually look at the steps and have questions, feel free to ask in the comments or contact me directly. Don't forget to experiment with blending modes and opacity levels.

Thanks for visiting!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Tales from Kobi: North Sourdough Trail - Brainard Lake

It's been a month since Mom and I have gotten out for a real hike! She decided to just move on rather than post pictures from our Frisco trip over July 4th weekend. So, here is the story of our latest trek ...

We drove out Lefthand Canyon Drive west of Boulder through the tiny little town of Ward where there were a bunch of dilapidated structures, but still they had a church, a library, and a post office! Mom was just feeling her way when finally she saw a sign for Brainard Lake Recreational Area. She'd heard of it, but we'd never been there.

I wondered if we'd ever get there, but finally we stopped in a parking lot and Mom let me out. Ahhh, it was good to stretch my legs. After looking at the trail map, off we went. She decided on North Sourdough Trail ... a nice improved path. It smelled lovely, of pine. The temperature was cool ... a sweet 70º. We met a few bi-peds and four-leggeds along the way ... some not so friendly. I always wonder about them, but I just stay clear.

So, here I am running ahead of Mom, as usual ... just exploring and sniffing all the new smells. I can always tell how happy she is to be out in the wilderness. Reminds her of the "olden days" when she used to go hiking every weekend with college buddies. She says it makes her feel free being out there.

There were lots of fungi ... with bright orange edges. It almost looks like a seashell. Hmmm, seashells for the woods. What do you think of that?

And it was sooo lush and green out there. That's what happens when it rains.

Then Mom stopped and got down low ... well, at least the camera did. It almost looks like a tiny forest made just for a shadowbox, doesn't it. She used to make those when she was in grade school. I wasn't around then, but she tells me about these things once in a while.

And here's a bunch of fungi growing out of a felled tree trunk. I think it looks really pretty. Along the way we saw a fellow with a bucket. Mom asked what he was gathering. He said, "Mushrooms." I don't think it was these orange things though. We wondered how you tell which ones are for eatin' and which ones you must stay away from. On we walked.

Finally, we got to a bridge crossing the St. Vrain River, but wouldn't you know it ... it started to drizzle! It's impossible to predict when rain is going to stop, especially when your in the thick of the woods, so Mom decided to get right back on the trail and return to the car ... we were a mile away. She trudged and trudge since it was an uphill climb ... stopping occasionally to catch her breath. Yep, she needs to do more of this! Since I was getting ahead of her occasionally I waited saying, "Come on Mom, I'm getting all wet!" But she just couldn't go any faster. She was getting drenched too.

Finally we got back to the car. She put me in and attempted to dry me a bit, then disappeared behind a door. When she returned she was wearing a flannel shirt and jacket instead of the black tee-shirt she'd been wearing. Wish I could have changed my coat so easily. And her hair was so wet, it looked like she'd just gotten out of the shower. She kept her camera dry though ... that was good, for sure.

... it was a fun time anyway and I was tired. Slept all the way home.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Tales from Kobi: Between Old and New

Hey there ... it's been a while since Mom's let me tell the story, so I'm jazzed to be here.  Mom seems to be losing ground. We went to Frisco for a second visit over the Fourth of July weekend and she still hasn't gotten those pics posted. We had so much fun ... I got to wade in the creek and we saw all kinds of beautiful spring flowers. Maybe she'll still get to that, but in the meantime I have another story to tell.

Yesterday, we were going to meet up with our old Doodles and Poodles group at the Valmont Dog Park. Mom was running late, but thought we'd still get in on the tale end and I'd get to see some of my old friends again. When we got there, no sign of any doodles or poodles. There were other dogs and we stayed a bit, but it just wasn't the same and Mom got bored really fast at standing in the sun. At least we didn't just get in the care and go home. Yeah, there was a nice path nearby, so off we went to see what we could discover.

There was thistle in bloom and the gurgle of the creek. Young bogs and parents riding their bikes on specially made bike paths that even had one-way signs. It was already warm by 9:30, so we stopped for a drink.

See that little blue bowl? Mom got that special for me. It's collapsible and fits in her back pocket. Does your furry friend want one? Go get your very own Bamboo Silicone Pop-Up Travel Bowl. Really convenient 'cause Mom just needs to carry her own water bottle and I can share.

Back home ... that's me in one of my favorite spots, but this time I found myself between the old and new ... Mom's old shoes and new shoes, that is. What an interesting metaphor for life. I think she's finding herself in that spot too, but different. She won't lie down between her shoes, but I think she is pondering the old and new in her life ... I see her looking at all the stuff she owns and I just know she's contemplating what to keep and what to get rid of. She's been talking about doing this ever since she got me, but there's something different in the air. I just feel it. I wonder if that means changes for me. We'll see. I'll keep you posted.

Hope you're all enjoying your summer even though there are record heat waves across the country. Take care ... until next time.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Stolen Moments: A Treat for Two

It's been a lazy weekend, but I did make the effort to visit a friend at a local skilled nursing facility. When I arrived, I smiled and said, "I brought a little sunshine," as I held up the yellow Gerbera Daisies. He was pleased to see me, but the visit was short-lived. I excused myself after about 10 minutes when his son arrived. It was more important that they spend time together ... and I promised to come again.

When I purchased the yellow ones for my friend, I treated myself with these pink ones. They are lovely and cheerful ... a treat I needed.

When I was twelve, I enjoyed visiting the Friendly Home in Rochester, New York. I brought the curiosity that helped the elders share their stories. It felt good to give them an opportunity to engage.

Today was different. I left feeling like I was suffocating. I couldn't breathe and tears flowed. Too much the reminder that my parents are gone and one day I will hear the news that my friend is gone too.

Although I feel pretty healthy, I am on the shorter side of life. Almost everyone I saw was in a wheelchair and many had vacant gazes. I was reminded that I have not prepared for this coming stage of my life. Do any of us really prepare?

So, when I got home I took a moment to photograph my vibrant Gerbera and contemplated bringing a bit of cheer to more of the elderly ... especially those who don't have regular visitors.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Stolen Moments: A Birthday Escape

Some birthdays are filled with celebrations with love ones; some are lonely, only acknowledged as another day on the calendar; and some are spent exactly as one wishes.

My day yesterday began with a string of Facebook updates from friends and family ... I heard from the most important people.

Since I got my new job, I've put a little bit away each week for a rainy day ... so I treated myself to a brand new Macbook Pro laptop! Woohoo! Then I spent the morning setting up and recreating the interface I'd come to love on my old Macbook. Then ... I got out even though it threatened to rain.

Off I went with Kobi ... driving in the direction of Lyons and Estes Park. I turned off before that toward Ward since I'd never explored that area. Although I didn't go far, I found a trailhead at at Buckingham Park. The rushing water called my name to cleanse my soul ... there's nothing like the sound of rushing water to make everything new.

click the image to see larger version

click the image to see larger version on Flickr

click the image to see larger version on Flickr
Texture thanks to Kim Klassen: touchof-2

Don't see the Arthropods (insects)? They've taken up residence ... I was only after the flower and didn't see them until I began processing in Photoshop. You can see them in the larger image on Flickr.

Before I left Buckingham Park, I found a spot beside the creek, took my shoes and socks off, and dangled my feet in the cool rushing water. Haven't done that in forever. It felt wonderful ... especially since it was "humider" than it usually is here in Colorado.

There's nothing like a walk to wear Kobi out ... he slept all the way home even though it was only a short walk. It was a grand time for both of us.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Homesteading the Soul - Hot Off the Press

The latest of my book projects is complete! It was a wonderful journey with client and author, Terry Keepers. A quiet-spoken gentleman, Terry, shared a special relationship he had with his grandfather and other stories of his life as we worked together to bring this volume into the world. We're happy to announce that Homesteading the Soul is now available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble online.

Terry Keepers shares Hugo, Colorado history, elicits emotion--both laughter and tears, and takes his readers on a spiritual journey. I hope you'll consider adding this engaging amalgam of memoir, history, and philosophy to your personal library.

Back Cover Copy:

Homesteading the Soul chronicles the remarkable relationship between a city boy and his prairie grandfather. The youngster finds wisdom, strength, and an appreciation of life’s passages through mentorship with his grandfather, who guides by story and example.

The old homesteader recounts adventures from his life: death by lightning, an epidemic, a lynching, and hereditary alcoholism. There are also lighter times including Sunday dinner, riding a combine, and a community hoedown.

Each episode imparts revelations to the boy, though he doesn’t understand their soul-making value until he is grown. As an adult, he explores the meanings of these experiences and their importance for others.

Homesteading the Soul is heartwarming, edifying, and soul-nourishing. Compelling reading, it moves us to laughter, tears, and new understandings of our own lives. It celebrates the power of love as it explores the growth of the soul in a personal and captivating way. Keepers knows the value of a good parable and uses it well.

Writing from the perspective of his eighth decade on earth, Dr. Keepers offers readers transformative stories of a life-sparing and life- giving relationship with his grandfather, an old man of the trades, a farmer-hunter whose foibles are noted along with his gritty-plainspeaking radiance. In all, these are stories of an old man who helped to pull a shy and ‘unwalked with’ boy from the temporal and spiritual birth canal where the child-man was struggling to be born.
~ Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Ph.D.
Author of Women Who Run With The Wolves,
and Untie the Strong Woman,
Blessed Mother’s Immaculate Love

To learn more about Terry Keepers and his book,
visit http://www.keystonecourtpress.com

Monday, June 10, 2013

Stolen Moments: Little Bandits

These little bandits were causing a ruckus just as I was getting ready to turn out the light last night at 11pm. A little dog barked (not mine) and I wandered out to see if anything suspicious was going on in my back yard.

And there they were in all their glory ... babies adventuring away from their mama. I ran for the camera ... watched ... and caught them red-handed. Turns out there are three and they seem to be taking up residence in my neighbor's yard.

I'm sure you know the phrase, "Be careful what you wish for," but this is a bit of a lesson in "be careful what you wonder about!" Two or three weeks ago, I was watching Jack Hanna's Animal Adventures ... he was showing a raccoon and I thought, I've never seen a raccoon. Wouldn't that be cool to get a picture of ... and voilà ... there they are!

Now the question is, what to do about them. They are in my neighbor's yard, so I don't have access AND I don't really want to pay the fee to get them gone. BUT, it does concern me a bit that they may eventually have access to Kobi who will just think they are a play thing. Since they can carry rabies and I'm only guessing, but the mama could be very nasty if she feels she needs to protect her kits.

Well, I've called the local raccoon nabber and am waiting for a call back. We'll see what happens next. Probably, I'll need to have another chat with the neighbor!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Creative Expression: I Love You More

Which comes first? The chicken or the egg? Artwork or reality?

This piece was inspired as I was doing a Photoshop show and tell for my friend, Shirley. We meet regularly to catch up, write, work, support and inspire. Today we spent more time talking and sharing than working, but we accomplished a bit of it all.

Textures thanks to Shadowhouse Creations: Square 160, 163, 169
Heart brush thanks to DesignFruit, which was altered using Puppet Warp in Photoshop.

This piece started out quite different--only half-hearts, but after Shirley left, I continued and the piece evolved. Then I got to thinking about the game "I love you more" that my kids and I played when they were little. It brings a smile to my face ... I wonder who loves who more ... and how one could even measure that. Things are always evolving there too. So, which comes first? Artwork or reality? Clearly, each is inspiration for the other.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Stolen Moments: Orange Petals

This morning I got a slow start and I needed to stop at the grocery store on my way to work. Regardless of the time, I noticed this beautiful shock of orange as I passed through the produce section and took a few seconds to capture the beauty. It was worth it.

mouseover to see before image

I'm guessing these are a type of chrysanthemum, but I'm sure my "flower" blogger buddies will be able to clarify for me.

UPDATE 6/5/13: I was back at the grocery story this evening and discovered these are California Sunflowers! It's always good to learn. ;->

Monday, May 27, 2013

Tales from Kobi: Sweet Innocence - Frisco, CO

Mom loves taking day trips ... and she's not an early riser except to get to work. It's good though because we miss all the holiday traffic ... especially when we travel on a Sunday on a three-day weekend. Yesterday we went to Frisco, Colorado.

Can you imagine a lighthouse in the middle of Colorado? I don't think it's a working lighthouse, but it looks pretty cool against the Rocky Mountains. And you know my mom, she can't resist clicking away while we're on our walks. That little girl ... pretty in pink ... she was eyeing me while mom was capturing her. A bit precocious she was ... her mom asked her to get her shoes that were lying on the walk beside the sand, each walking in a different direction. Ms. Pink answered, "I decided I don't need to do that right now." My mom giggled.

[Update: the Frisco Bay Lighthouse is a working lighthouse.
See: http://www.unc.edu/~rowlett/lighthouse/ut.htm]

We walked and walked ... to the lake (Dillon Reservoir and Frisco Bay really) that was sadly low ... no sailboats in the slips since there was only sand ... no water at the landing to launch canoes and kayaks ... but there was a bit of blue glistening in the distance. We got several weeks of snow not long ago, but the runoff isn't accumulating here. Hope it does by summer as Frisco is a quaint tourist town that likely depends on the boating traffic.

But it didn't bother Mom ... we walked along Ten Mile Creek ... the water was rushing and roaring ... we stopped for a rest and sat on rocks nearby. Ahh, nice and cool on my tummy. After a brief stay we moved on ... back to Main Street. Mom had seen The Next Page Bookstore on the way to the Marina, but by the time we got back it was closed. Seems Frisco rolls up its sidewalks at 5:00 pm on Sundays.

And I know she would have loved to try some Thin Mint Green Tea at their Tea Bar. How could anyone resist this description: There’s no flavoring involved, but the peppermint leaves pull chocolate notes from the roasted green tea, resulting in a taste and aroma reminiscent of those cookies that we all know and love. I guess we'll have to go back!

Then we met Boone, a 12-week-old Goldendoodle, at the 5th Avenue Grill where Mom decided to have some dinner. He was about my size and oh, so playful. He kept dumping over the water bowl and chewing on my leash. Mom definitely got sidetracked. I wondered if she even knew I was still there. Boone is cute, but Mom loves me and I know it. I think he needs a bow tie, don't you?

"Mom, are you crazy? Taking pictures while driving!" Well, I guess she kept her eyes on the road, but even I know that's not so smart. That view is beautiful ... but I do think Mom should pull over next time.

Anyway, notice how little traffic there is? That road was probably bumper to bumper coming home this Memorial Day evening! But instead of sitting  in that craziness, Mom's home sharing her pictures with you.

Thanks for visiting ... Hope you had a super Memorial Day weekend and remembered someone who served our country. I know Mom remembered a few including her Dad, cousin, and several friends.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Stolen Moments: Five Little Piggies

Just a little flashback to a couple weeks ago when I chose to come home from work on the back road. I saw the babies ... baby piggies. I wasn't able to get the picture the first day when I only saw three little piggies. I had to go back a couple days later. Then there were five! I was so excited I pulled off the side of the road in go-home traffic.

Texture thanks to Kim Klassen: 2303
Click image to see larger view on Flickr

It's hard to see how small they are in this image as their parents are in a different plot. I actually walked in the field to get a closer shot ... brave ... or stupid ... I must admit I was a bit concerned that I'd be in trouble with Mama!

Yes, Spring is here ... babies and blooms ... but it feels like summer already here in Colorado at 87º - 90º.

Happy Memorial Day to all ... find something to enjoy ... family, friends, nature, quiet ... something!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Stolen Moments: Lily-flowered Tulips

As I left my book client's home yesterday after a consult, I couldn't help but notice these beautiful and unusual tulips beside the fence around his front yard ... the petals seemed luminescent in the sunlight.

Click on image to see larger view on Flickr

Sometimes there is only enough time and energy to capture a glimpse of specialness in this world. Occasionally, I will post my stolen moments as I stumble through this life. Post-processing allows me to slow down and appreciate these stolen moments for just a little while longer.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Floral Play Today

Kobi's waiting at home while I have a "working" visit with my friend, Shirley. I'm sure he can't wait for me to return, thinking he'll get to go walking, but I don't think that's going to happen. Not sure yet.

Last night I had a creative spurt and sewed a new top ... first sewing project in over 15 years!!! And I was up until 4:30 in the morning. Some might say, why bother going to bed ... but I just can't do all-nighters anymore and keep going during the following day.

So on only four and a half hours sleep, I only played with pictures while Shirley wrote. She was very productive. I played.

mouseover to see before image
Texture thanks to Kim Klassen: phoebe

The picture above is a composite of three floral pictures. It makes for a funky virtual garden, me-thinks.

mouseover to see before image
Texture thanks to Kim Klassen: bestill

I had fun making the yellow daisy-like chrysanthemum pink with blending modes, a texture, and gradient.

The foundation for both images is the floral arrangement on the table at the Red Frog.

I hope Kobi will take me out for a walk tomorrow.

Happy Mother's Day to all my mom-friends.

And one more ... just learned about Shadowhouse Creations splatter masks ... how cool!

Textures thanks to Kim Klassen: naturally, heartfelt
Splatter mask, thanks to Shadowhouse Creations