Saturday, August 31, 2013

Creative Expression: I'm Moving ... to Ipernity

I thought I posted this here already, but obviously not. I've had a headache all week ... complications form a poorly adjusted new occlusal guard. Maybe that's the reason I didn't get this posted here. I am feeling human again!

I've decided to move from Flickr to Ipernity. No that's not a physical location, but a new (new to me) photosharing interface. I can't say I'm total frustrated with Flickr as some others, but I do find the new interface more challenging than the old one and I like Ipernity's simplicity. I plan to leave my photos on Flickr for now and start Ipernity forward from this point.

I keep finding myself pulled back, so may post the occasional image on Flickr, but I want see how Ipernity pans out.

You can find me at www.ipernity.com/home/lafcustomdesigns … yes, you can even customize your URL.

Thanks to Sebastian Michaels' Photoshop Grunge Artistry for lots of brushes and textures
in his Photoshop Grunge Artistry course.

Some of the benefits of Ipernity:

* Has the old Flickr "look"
* Customize your homepage
* Create albums
* Includes a Guestbook roll where people can leave a note unrelated to a specific image
* Log in with Facebook (I'd rather not, but some may like this feature)
* Move your Flickr photos to Ipernity; see script www.ipernity.com/blog/team/485851

The down side:

* As with all technology, there is a learning curve, but it's really pretty easy
* You will likely have to convince your friends to follow you to the new interface
* You might have to keep both Flickr and Ipernity going in parallel, at least for a bit
* You may feel like you're starting all over

Best to all. Thanks for connecting with me here at Flickr. I've made lots of great friends here.


  1. I'm going to have to check this out.
    Good luck with it ...

  2. Good luck with your transition! I'll have to pop over and check it out.

  3. I have also opened an account with Ipernity also but have yet to post a photo. I guess I'm moving really slow. Hope get started this fall. Enjoy the move and keep us posted on how it goes,

  4. I haven't even heard of Ipernity! That's how out of it I am, I guess. I haven't been on FlickR much lately, but I've kind of gotten use to the format. Or maybe I'm not on there enough for it to bug me... Keep us posted on the move and let us know if you like it as much as you thought you would.

  5. I tried this with Instagram - I moved to EyeEm but then I ended back at IG. I like Flickr and have gotten used to the new user interface. It would definitely be like starting all over, especially since I moderate a group on Flickr. Good luck at iPernity but I don't think I'll be seeing you there =(


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