Friday, April 27, 2012

Spring is here ...

Spring is definitely here, even with showers and a bit of snow still in the forecast.

About a year and a half ago, I tried to kill the wisteria that was growing up the side of my house. I suppose it was because I really didn't know what it was and it had attached to the downspout which had blown off the house in a feverish wind. In order to get the downspout untangled, I had to cut the wisteria back drastically.

Surprise, surprise! This season it is in full bloom even though the vine now looks like a huge tumble weed draping over the fence!! And oh, what a delicate scent it wafts.

It's wonderful how this wisteria looks like a bunch of grapes. The petals are silky smooth.

I clipped a bunch and put it into my coffee cup and just love the juxtaposition of real leaves and the petals draping over the design on the cup.

I proceeded to take some macros as that is one of my favorite image formats.

I know I've fallen off a bit in my picture taking and processing, but as spring brings new blossoms it also symbolizes transitions and new beginnings. I'm in a phase of discovery--deeper discovery. I'm exploring how to put my creative talents to work as a solopreneur again, but out of necessity also exploring using those talents in other arenas.

You may likely see this blog go through some transitions too as I make decisions about my future and its future.

It just so happens that my friend, LeAnne has started a linky part at Flower Art Friday. I like to take pictures of lots of things, and these just happened to fit the bill to join in her fun.

No textures used here. I thought these images spoke beautifully all by themselves.

Monday, April 16, 2012

It All Begins with You (or me)

In Kim Klassen's Beyond Layers, she has inspired her followers to do self-portraits and to take care of themselves. I love the simple pleasures: snuggling with my sweet pup, or rather him resting on my shoulder; reading books that interest me; and watching inspiring movies.

This is me watching the morning news and Kobi watching me take our picture with my iPad. No makeup there! Brave, I know. lol Used a wee bit of Kim's IAm texture on this.

What Color is Your Parachute? is a great resource for those looking for work, or those looking to find just the right position within the organization they already work for. And between shades of gray is about the value of life--at one point in time Lina's brother's life was worth a pocket watch. That was the line on the cover that caught my attention.

Stepping outside to see the sunlight on the new Spring grape leaves brought a smile. Love those veins.

There are so many things that play into honoring oneself: eating well, getting plenty of sleep, making a date with nature, loving a furry friend,  and finding what satisfies your soul. I'm taking steps in the right direction.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Chance Meeting

Last Wednesday, I took Kobi for a walk in a new neighborhood. I found beauty and cute faces. Pink blossoms and puppy dog noses. Smiles and love.

This little Terrier and another pup stuck their snouts through the fence to say hello to Kobi. They wagged their tails and Kobi returned the happy greeting.

The blossoms say Spring is here as the warm weather helped them open up, but there's a chill in the air today, so I'm inside catching up. Watching lots of movies. Reading and figuring out what's next.

Then I saw a young boy and this Goldendoodle pup. As the young fellow stopped to say hello to a neighbor, I clicked away and even as his pup was wiggling, I caught this wonderful image with my Blackberry.

And another while the boy went to get his mom, so I could ask for an email address so I could send the images to them. It was a wonderful encounter that still makes me smile. He was so animated, articulate, and respectful. I found it refreshing.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Fun with Frames

In Kim Klassen's Beyond Layers class, she has been teaching us to enhance our photos with new framing effects.

This hyacinth bloomed Saturday just outside my front door. It was stunning with the sun shining on it. Used Kim's texture: bestill.

Kobi joined me out back when I took the bead pictures below. I couldn't resist catching a macro of him while I was at it. Difficult though because he wouldn't stay still when I got so close. Used Kim's texture: fallin

mouseover for before image

I put the beads and shell on a piece of white paper in the morning sun. The background wasn't this white straight out of the camera. I've got lots to learn to accomplish that, but using the dodge tool, I was able to accomplish the task for Macro Monday: white background.

I had fun working with some of Kim's techniques on this last one. No textures on either bead images.

Hope you all had a grand weekend.