Monday, August 31, 2015

Creative Expression: Bonsai Watching Me Pack Up -- Frame #4

More creative expressions ... Bonsai watching me pack up after my first night out on the Colorado Trail back at the end of June. Although I love Bonsai, this is really about the frame.

I think I've been a bit manic in my time spent in Photoshop the last few days! What do you think? I guess that's my process. I gotta get it while the juices are flowing. But it's time to get off the couch. In this case to get some sleep.

Tomorrow it's definitely time to get out of the house and have some new experiences!

Textures by Kim Klassen
Textures and vector image by Photoshop Artistry
Brush by DesignFruit. Brush by Krist's Circle Dots.

An afterthought ...

Bonsai and me at Brookside/McCurdy Trail Junction on The Colorado Trail.

Textures by Kim Klassen
Textures and vector image by Photoshop Artistry
Brush by DesignFruit. Brush by Krist's Circle Dots.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Photoshop Artistry Challenge Week 1: Marmot on a Mushroom

I purchased the Photoshop Artistry package two years ago, before I got sick. The great thing is that the purchase included unlimited access, so I am able to pick up where I left off or start again. Last night I was inspired to play and that inspiration spilled into today ... all day!

I found folks doing Photoshop Artistry challenges on Flickr and that sent me running to find out where to start. This is my first challenge.

The assignment was to take two images, two textures, one film effect, and one vector image. Use layer masks and painting with light to create a focused image.

The images I used are a marmot and mushroom I took on my Colorado Trail trip.

Fun to create something one would never see, but is a bit whimsical.

Creative Expression: So many ways to frame! #3

Again, I've used Photoshop Artistry's texture and vector files. I've saved this image as a .png so that the background is transparent and you only see the circle border. Used the warp function in Photoshop to give my watermark a curve. And layer mask to create circle for image and border.

First effort

Couldn't decide if liked the dark or the light frame better so I'll let you take a vote.

Try out some new techniques and if you need help, Sebastian Michaels' Photoshop Artistry's course offers lots of inspiration.

OK, it's really time for me to get outside! But I seem to be on a roll with playing with frames. And besides, it's very hot. I think I'll try for tomorrow for a short hike.

Creative Expression: More fun with frames -- Phillip and Me

Having fun creating frames. I love using the warp function in Photoshop (Edit, Transform, Warp; then drag points to the curvature you like).

This is Phillip an me at Boulder Community Hospital (BCH) in January 2014. A poignant moment between mother and son pondering the outside world through the hospital window.

Photo taken by Carolyn Kust, a BCH aide. 

Textures and vector file by Photoshop Artistry .

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Creative Expression: Re-entry: Creating art again

I'm glad to say I got motivated to play in Photoshop again using several of Photoshop Artistry's texture, brush, and vector files. You've likely seen this image of Kobi before. The new frame adds some pizzazz.

I had to refresh my memory on how to do a couple things, so this was a good exercise.

I think I may begin to tell the Colorado Trail story in art pictures. We'll see. But know this, I will be back with more fun.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Big News!

Big news! I heard from my stem cell donor today!!

He lives in St. Paul, MN, is married, has two grown boys, and two grand-baby boys, and has worked for USPS for 22 years. Seems like a great guy.

He had been a blood donor for years and saw a poster 20 years ago about being a marrow donor. He thought that would be nice too. Never thought he'd be called after all this time. He's glad he was and happy to give someone a chance in life. He enjoys knowing that the choices he made have positively impacted someone else.

I asked if he was a mayo or Miracle Whip guy. Mayo. The reason I asked is because I've always been a Miracle Whip girl, but now I prefer mayo. Funny.

Made my day!

And I'm jazzed that this gave me a reason to play in Photoshop again!