Monday, October 13, 2014

Transitions and somethings new

Autumn is my favorite time of year. There is a distinct feel in the air of change and with the changing colors of the leaves a distinct indication of coming transition. This time of year has always been a time to consider new things to come and typically lasts through New Year's Day when I host my Dream Board Party when I set intentions for the new year. I have often gotten new jobs during the third quarter of the year. Maybe a omen for me this year. It's time for me to begin the search which begins with that ominous question, What do you want to do with your life? I have some thinking to do. This has always been a difficult question for me. Do I have an aversion to commitment? Hmmm ... I never thought so. I'm committed to lots of things: keeping my health now that I've been given a second chance, giving back to the cancer cause, getting out into nature, taking pictures, blogging, and more.

I'm so enjoying my time volunteering for the Healing Arts Program at Presbyterian St. Luke's. How do I turn that into a paying position--there or somewhere else? I ponder. I am official at PSL, like being an employee. I have a badge, parking privileges, and webpage.

Red, yellow, and green ... windy and overcast ... taken yesterday on my way home from errands.

Yellow leaves with sunlight streaming through ... taken three days ago.

I love Sarah Huizenga's photos of her paisley rain boots, so this is my version with my new Danskos. Many of the nurses at the hospital wear these and praise their comfort. I love them and I needed something fun to wear. In only a few days, I've gotten lots of "I love those" comments. What a great conversation starter!

I love the picture from down low, but I didn't realize how dusty they were already!

At the Light the Night Walk, there was a sweet gal, Linda, who was giving away some of her jewelry pieces to survivors. I was attracted immediately to the little Buddha bracelet. Unfortunately, she did not have business cards and I was unable to get her contact info.

I've already acquired a couple "somethings new" that make me feel great on a daily basis! That's what life is about, isn't it?

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Light the Night Walk Success

The Light the Night Walk for blood cancer research was a huge success due to all my and my team's friends and family who donated to this great cause! Our team's goal was $2500 and we raised $3453 with a ranking of 21st out of 401 friends and family teams! My personal goal was $1000 and I raised $1708 ranking 51st of 4,392 individual fundraisers! That's without corporate matching which has not posted yet. 

I couldn't have done my part without all of you! You guys really rock!! I'm so grateful to know that you are willing to help stamp out blood cancers. It feels incredible to give back in this way!

Following are pictures from an awesome evening!

[photo taken by Jill Turner]

White lanterns = Survivors. Red lanterns = caregivers. Yellow lanterns = in memory of.

[photo taken by Dr. Matous, my transplant doc, a wonderful man!]

It was so incredible to see the support for this cause by the number of participants present in the Denver walk. This is only a small portion!

[photo taken by Lawrence Howard, Susan's husband]

Susan Howard and I met on the Bone Marrow/Stem Cell unit at Presbyterian St. Luke's in Denver, Colorado. She had her stem cell transplant on January 28 and I had mine on January 30. I do believe we are sisters in overcoming and thriving. It's very possible, maybe even likely, that if people hadn't donated to research in the past we wouldn't be here to contribute now. It's great that we both had so many care for us and help us meet our goals for Light the Night so patients to come will be able to have the treatments they need.

[photo taken by Christine Howard, Susan's mother]

This is the team, Lissa's Walking Troupe! Jill and Sharon were two of my many caregivers during my 100 days post transplant when I needed 24/7 care. I'm so thankful to them! Left to right: Jill, me, Sharon, and Susan.

We even made the jumbotron. How's that for coolness!

[photo taken by Jill Turner]

Me looking at the lanterns. I loved the lights and I'm standing there in awe that I ventured out to participate in a crowd. I don't like crowds. But this was different. I could feel the love and caring that surrounded me there. And thanks to all my donors for being there too (in spirit).