Monday, August 27, 2012

Texture Tuesday: 1 grape 2 wines

Just doing a little playing for Texture Tuesdays. I had fun with this. You know how Kim often puts flowers in a tall vase or bottle to get the depth of field? Well, I was pulling grapes out of the refrig the other day and had an empty wine bottle hanging around and voilà ... there was my bouquet!

Did you know that Red Zinfandel and White Zinfandel are made from the same type of grape? What's the difference?

Red Zin uses the whole grape and White Zin uses the naked grape (without the skin).

Textures thanks to Kim Klassen and Texture Tuesday: paperandpaste, stampedright1, stampedright2 I just love these textures. They were perfect for this application. Sychroncity at work!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Tales from Kobi: So much for the bath

If you've been following my stories you know that Mom gave me a bath yesterday, so this morning I was soft and fluffy and smelled oh so sweet. This is mostly a story in pictures of my trip with Mom to Doudy Draw and South Mesa Trails in Boulder, Colorado. Unfortunately, we didn't get out very early.

As you can see, we walked wide open terrain and it was 11 am by the time we got here. I'm a trooper though and wherever Mom goes I go 'cause I love to be with her ... and I love to go for walks.

But it was really hot even though Mom's iPad said it was only 76º when we left the house. Wisely, Mom turned back after only a half hour out. We stopped for a drink of water and I found some shade under the bench at the rest area where we passed Shelby earlier.

Then she decided to go to South Mesa Trail where there were trees. First, we sat under the trees at a dry creek. She was so concerned about me overheating. Once we got going again, we found South Boulder Creek West just across a bridge not far up the trail. Oh boy, as we walked down to the water, Zeus came bounding across the entire width of the creek to greet me! Mom, really didn't want me getting in the water since I'd just had a bath, but you know, how could she resist letting me cool off and play with a friend. It doesn't take much to persuade her. I only got in above my elbows and even pretended to be King of the Rock.

But then we met Zolo, a little Schnauzer mix (Mom thinks) and Riley, a Border Collie, and it was all over. I bounded around playing with both of them. Riley played keep-away with a stick. That was great fun. So much for the bath! It didn't take long for me to look like I'd been drizzled with chocolate syrup.
It was all good though. I cooled off. Had a chance to play. And met all kinds of new friends: Pumpkin (horse), Shelby, Zeus, Riley, Zolo, Griffy, Pearl, and Kofi (not pictured). Whew! That's a lot of new friends in one day!!
On the way back Mom found another Dream Spot. First, she sat a bit and took off one sock and shoe and dangled her foot in the water. "Ah, nice and cool," she said. Then she laid down on a big ol' tree trunk. As you can see, I found my Dream Spot right on her tummy and watched Griffy on the other side of the creek. It's gotta be love when my mom lets me plop right down on her even though I was all wet and dirty!!

Mom loves these spots next to the flowing creek where she says the water just washes away any concerns and allows her to dream of the future. She finds it easier to consider what that really looks like where she can look up in the sky and see the leaves dance. I'm so happy for her.

When we got home, I was all tuckered out. Mom brushed out most of the dirt. I know she'll want to give me another bath soon, but I slept most of the evening and she didn't want to bother me. I only got up long enough to tell this story after Mom put all the pictures together.

Where is that physical place you go to dream? Where is that place in your mind where your believe anything you want to have and be can happen? How long has it been since you've been there? What's stopping you? Take small steps and find a place where you can dream, k? Sending you all a little bit of happy.

Have a great week.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Tales from Kobi: Getting a bath

It's been a while, but Mom finally gave me a bath today. Oh, I don't like having a bath too much, but I'm tolerant. The best part though is since I smell like a sweet baby, I get more hugs and snuggles. Of course, I like that. It's a pretty big ordeal--getting trimmed, brushed, trimmed some more, bathed, and blown dry--so, after all that I found my favorite spot and took a rest.
Photo taken with Mom's iPad and processed in the Photo Toaster app

Mom seems to be a bit tuckered out lately, just like me. I know she's excited about an opportunity she's been working on, but it's not a sure thing ... yet. She's keeping her fingers crossed and should know for sure no later than Tuesday. I'm sure she'll tell you all about it then.

I'm hoping she'll take me out for a walk tomorrow and maybe she'll get some new photos up here. The morning should still be cool enough. I'm hoping.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Design Project: Wedding Reception

Have you ever had that "buttons-popping" moment when you finished a project that you were pleased with and packaged it up to deliver?

Yesterday, I delivered my latest design project. It was so much fun ... eight of my flower prints will be displayed on the tables at a wedding reception this Saturday (August 18) as table markers so guests know where they are to be seated. The white tree branch against the green background (center image) is the invitation.

The place cards include the corresponding flower and the guest's name on the top/outside and on the inside is printed the common and the Latin flower name and the bride and groom's names and wedding date. The same font was used as the invitation. Each print also had a tent card with the flower names.

It was so much fun to meet with my client and deliver Christmas in August. She was obviously very happy with the end result. I went over optimum set up and care. We brainstormed some additional ideas such as displaying on a white or forest green table cloth at a greeting table.

The real sweet spot came a little later when Kitty sent me the following email, which made my heart swell:

Jaime, her mom, and dad wanted to see what you had created. They were overwhelmed and so appreciative!!! It was wonderful! Jaime couldn't believe how amazing the images were and how well done the place cards were! Thanks again for the great product. Customer 100% Satisfied (:

It doesn't get much better than that!

And I thought a mosaic of all the images would be lovely. ;->

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Tales from Kobi: Mom's Been Busy!

My mom has been very busy these past 10 days. She got in incredible offer to help with a blog update/redesign from Karen Burns of Vintage Findings/Painted Works. Since Karen is a very talented artist, she did all of the wonderful artwork including the new header, navigation bar, and buttons/badges, but Mom worked on all the formatting and behind the scenes coding and linking.

On occasion, Mom needed to do a bit of research, so I put on her glasses to see the screen. ;->
Shadowhouse Creations: GF-6 and
Pixel Dust: Impressionist Music, Autrefois, and Abstract Splotches.

Unfortunately, Mom had made a few changes already before she thought to take pictures, but here are the before and after images. I know Mom really loved Karen's old site. It had a quaint vintagey look ... she loved that header with all the children and the old camera and the filmstrip navigation bar, but Karen took it to a new sophistication showcasing her artwork in her new button links. Love the new look too, especially that navigation bar that looks like stamps!

Karen was a dream to work with. She knew what she wanted and I was able to help her bring her vision to fruition.

Do you have some creative projects you need help with? Do you want to focus on what you do best, the creative work? My Mom can help with the techie side. Call her if you want to offload that stuff.

She's off to work on a photo project now for a wedding that will take place next week. Yay! I'm so happy for her. But before she gets involved in that, it's time for us to go for a walk ... right Mom?

Monday, August 6, 2012

Behind the Scenes: Type-on-a-path plus Boulder Creek

Yesterday, I mentioned taking a walk with Kobi along Boulder Creek. Just a couple miles outside of Boulder toward the mountains, I stopped at a trailhead I had passed for almost fifteen years! It's a multi-use trail for bicyclists, runners, and hikers. The rush of the creek is the accompanying music for the entire way ... I had trouble determining the mileage, but I walked for a couple of hours round trip. The temperature was about 83º--perfect for strolling.

We found a narrow path that went to a secluded little area where Kobi and I sat for about a half hour listening to the water, feeling a bit of a breeze brush by, and connecting with the rhythms of the earth. The sunlight dance among the leaves and the shadows played among the rocks.

There were colorful flowers I couldn't identify along the way, and berries and what looked like tiny plums that I contemplated tasting. Without certainty of their non-poisonous edibility, I passed.
Texture thanks to Kim Klassen's Beyond Layers: printed

Kim taught us how to type on a path around a circle in Behind the Scenes--a really neat technique. I couldn't resist trying this idea I had to play with animation in order to make it easieTheirr to read. I'd love to figure out another way so it travels the path more smoothly, but this will work for now. Oops, I meant Beyond Layers. That's what I get for being up until the wee hours.

"If you have a dream, then give it a chance to happen." ~Richard M. DeVo

About a month ago I developed a new blog idea, but have been trouble figuring out what my intentions are and how to manage two sites. I really feel this post belongs there, so am duplicating it on The Dream Spot. I'd love it if you'd come check things out and follow me there too as eventually I hope the content will go in a different direction than what I'll post here.

I know most of you have way too much to do already, but I hope to see some familiar faces.
Thanks for visiting, my friends.

Circle dots brush thanks to Krist Adams.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Beyond Layers: Bringing Home the Bounty

I am truly blessed. Kobi and I enjoyed a walk along Boulder Creek on this cooler day before the heat rises again. I found my new dream spot beside the rushing water, which removes the cobwebs, erases the circular thinking, and helps me believe that all things are possible. Even though I feel really good tonight, I don't have the energy to process my creek pictures. Maybe tomorrow.

I was reminded today that although I seem to have abandoned my One Little Word project (at least temporarily), my word hasn't abandoned me. It is abundance! I am amazed actually at how much abundance has come in to my life even though I'm unemployed. I went through quite a dry spell as some of you know, but recently I am paying attention.

I am overflowing with gratitude for all my friends including those I have met on Flickr and through Kim Klassen's classes. My former husband has been so generous and gracious in building the bridge financially and sharing the bounty of his garden. On the way home, I stopped by his house to pick up fresh produce from his "mini farm" he tends on his property. Thanks Bill.

mouseover to see before image
Textures thanks to Kim Klassen's Beyond Layers:
autumnburst, shadowsofnovember, ohmy

A bit of painterly today ... my first attempt. Yay! If you've been following me, I know you've seen this image already, but I couldn't resist. Kobi looks good in painterly, don't you think? I love all the new techniques I'm learning from Kim; today I played with typing on a curve.

mouseover to see before image
Textures thanks to Kim Klassen's Beyond Layers: felicity and happyheart

While I am still looking for work to support my habits (photography and post-processing, design, reading, and movies), one day it will be nice to retire and do this full-time!! LOL

Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into. ~Wayne Dyer

Where does abundance show up in your lives? I'd love to hear your stories.
Thanks for stopping by, my friends. ;->

Friday, August 3, 2012

Behind the Scenes: 5 Fact Friday

In Behind the Scenes, Kim has invited her peeps to share in 5 Fact Friday. The object--simple: to share five facts about ourselves. Fun time creating a new mosaic.

  1. My favorite friends are Kobi and Nikon, and Nikon always brings her buddies 18-55 and 55-200 to the parties.
  2. I mainline online! I am always connected or at least aware of some electronic device: computer, iPad, Blackberry.
  3. I collect books, read lots of them, but don't finish them all. I love to learn. I've become a bit of a techie geek!
  4. I watch too much TV and love movies, especially the "underdog makes good" kind. Pictured are Finding Forrester, Akeelah and the Bee, Pay It Forward, Life as a House, and Cool Runnings.
  5. I was adopted in Stuttgart, Germany at the age of two by American military and came to the US when I was four. My birth name was Lieselotte Inge and the name I've lived with is Lissa Ann. I go by Lissa--like Melissa without the "me."

An evening of jazz with After Midnight

Time is just passing me by ... what am I doing with mine? I need to rewind here and catch up on some fun outings. Starting with an evening of jazz with After Midnight.

On Wednesday, July 25th, I returned a library book and discovered that there would be a jazz band playing for free at the Broomfield Amphitheater. Oh my gosh, it'd been an eternity since I'd enjoyed an open air evening of music. So, I went home for my camera and here are some of the results.

This is a lovely location with a small lake--home for ducks and geese. I've even seen a Blue Heron here.

As I arrived, of course, the first thing I noticed was a dog ... part of me wished I had brought Kobi, but then I wouldn't have had the freedom to get the pictures I got. I would have been too concerned about managing the toddler. ;->

And then of course, I was happy to see the duck family.

It was so relaxing to listen to this band share their glorious talent. Meet the members of After Midnight Jazz Band: Roger Campbell on clarinet, Rick Weingarten on vibraphone, Jerry Weiss on keyboard, Mike McCullough on guitar (and vocals), Jim Moore on drums, and Herrick "Ced" Forsyth on bass. Colorado locals: do check out their website for the local events and festival schedule.

I can't say how much this evening meant to me. After the performance, I actually greeted each member of the band and told them that they helped my find my "happy" again. When life gets challenging it's easy to lose your "happy." Revisiting things from our pass -- well, mine for sure -- helps us reconnect with the world.

I also love watching this little girl ... she stood, mesmerized, throughout the entire performance! And when Rick Weingarten played the vibraphone, she found her rhythm. ;->

Click the button below and watch her dance to the music.
Please forgive the sound quality, it was windy and I used my Nikon camera to record the video.

Isn't it neat how uninhibited children are? I did experience that my feet were uninhibited as they followed the beat of the music, my body relaxed, and my face found its smile. ;-.

So I ask you, what helps you find your "happy"? What helps you be uninhibited and be your true self?

Thanks for visiting, my friends.
Happy Weekend to you. ;->

Thursday, August 2, 2012

A Lesson Learned

9:10PM: I clicked something wrong as I looked at the new Blogger interface and I think I've lost everything and am going to have to start all over. Nothing is the same. There is a green background, an old template, gadgets are missing. Panic set in. Tears. Frustration. A knot in my stomach.


10:30PM: Found an answer. Upgrade template. Wasn't quite sure that was going to give me all my hard work back. It did. Whew! Starting to get things back in order. Patience. This is all a learning experience, right?


11:30PM: Recovery is a sweet thing. You don't know how important something is to you until you lose it. I realized how important this work is to me and now that everything is back in order I am saving a copy of the full blog HTML code!!!

The good news is I am good at researching and finding answers. Yay!


Lesson Learned: Back up your code folks. ;->