Saturday, August 11, 2012

Tales from Kobi: Mom's Been Busy!

My mom has been very busy these past 10 days. She got in incredible offer to help with a blog update/redesign from Karen Burns of Vintage Findings/Painted Works. Since Karen is a very talented artist, she did all of the wonderful artwork including the new header, navigation bar, and buttons/badges, but Mom worked on all the formatting and behind the scenes coding and linking.

On occasion, Mom needed to do a bit of research, so I put on her glasses to see the screen. ;->
Shadowhouse Creations: GF-6 and
Pixel Dust: Impressionist Music, Autrefois, and Abstract Splotches.

Unfortunately, Mom had made a few changes already before she thought to take pictures, but here are the before and after images. I know Mom really loved Karen's old site. It had a quaint vintagey look ... she loved that header with all the children and the old camera and the filmstrip navigation bar, but Karen took it to a new sophistication showcasing her artwork in her new button links. Love the new look too, especially that navigation bar that looks like stamps!

Karen was a dream to work with. She knew what she wanted and I was able to help her bring her vision to fruition.

Do you have some creative projects you need help with? Do you want to focus on what you do best, the creative work? My Mom can help with the techie side. Call her if you want to offload that stuff.

She's off to work on a photo project now for a wedding that will take place next week. Yay! I'm so happy for her. But before she gets involved in that, it's time for us to go for a walk ... right Mom?


  1. Lissa that is so great that you have some projects coming in. Karen's website redesign looks great. I love it when people are easy to work with:)

  2. Very nice, Lissa. I love Karen's work but I usually catch her on Flickr. I'll go to her blog now.

  3. Just visited Karen, and the design is beautiful, Lissa!
    Wishing you the very best on your photo project.
    Love this shot of Kobi.
    He looks very deep in thought here. :-)

  4. You did such a great job but I had not doubt that you would! Tell Kobi thanks for sharing!

  5. Very nice, the before and after views are wonderful. You two have created a beautiful home for Karen's art. FYI - spent lots of time her site too.

  6. Oh, your mom is so talented, Kobi! And you did a wonderful job as her bespectacled helper. Love, Zoe Bear.

  7. Kobi looks so cute in his glasses, and you did a great job on this blog design! very proud of you


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