Sunday, July 21, 2013

Tales from Kobi: Between Old and New

Hey there ... it's been a while since Mom's let me tell the story, so I'm jazzed to be here.  Mom seems to be losing ground. We went to Frisco for a second visit over the Fourth of July weekend and she still hasn't gotten those pics posted. We had so much fun ... I got to wade in the creek and we saw all kinds of beautiful spring flowers. Maybe she'll still get to that, but in the meantime I have another story to tell.

Yesterday, we were going to meet up with our old Doodles and Poodles group at the Valmont Dog Park. Mom was running late, but thought we'd still get in on the tale end and I'd get to see some of my old friends again. When we got there, no sign of any doodles or poodles. There were other dogs and we stayed a bit, but it just wasn't the same and Mom got bored really fast at standing in the sun. At least we didn't just get in the care and go home. Yeah, there was a nice path nearby, so off we went to see what we could discover.

There was thistle in bloom and the gurgle of the creek. Young bogs and parents riding their bikes on specially made bike paths that even had one-way signs. It was already warm by 9:30, so we stopped for a drink.

See that little blue bowl? Mom got that special for me. It's collapsible and fits in her back pocket. Does your furry friend want one? Go get your very own Bamboo Silicone Pop-Up Travel Bowl. Really convenient 'cause Mom just needs to carry her own water bottle and I can share.

Back home ... that's me in one of my favorite spots, but this time I found myself between the old and new ... Mom's old shoes and new shoes, that is. What an interesting metaphor for life. I think she's finding herself in that spot too, but different. She won't lie down between her shoes, but I think she is pondering the old and new in her life ... I see her looking at all the stuff she owns and I just know she's contemplating what to keep and what to get rid of. She's been talking about doing this ever since she got me, but there's something different in the air. I just feel it. I wonder if that means changes for me. We'll see. I'll keep you posted.

Hope you're all enjoying your summer even though there are record heat waves across the country. Take care ... until next time.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Stolen Moments: A Treat for Two

It's been a lazy weekend, but I did make the effort to visit a friend at a local skilled nursing facility. When I arrived, I smiled and said, "I brought a little sunshine," as I held up the yellow Gerbera Daisies. He was pleased to see me, but the visit was short-lived. I excused myself after about 10 minutes when his son arrived. It was more important that they spend time together ... and I promised to come again.

When I purchased the yellow ones for my friend, I treated myself with these pink ones. They are lovely and cheerful ... a treat I needed.

When I was twelve, I enjoyed visiting the Friendly Home in Rochester, New York. I brought the curiosity that helped the elders share their stories. It felt good to give them an opportunity to engage.

Today was different. I left feeling like I was suffocating. I couldn't breathe and tears flowed. Too much the reminder that my parents are gone and one day I will hear the news that my friend is gone too.

Although I feel pretty healthy, I am on the shorter side of life. Almost everyone I saw was in a wheelchair and many had vacant gazes. I was reminded that I have not prepared for this coming stage of my life. Do any of us really prepare?

So, when I got home I took a moment to photograph my vibrant Gerbera and contemplated bringing a bit of cheer to more of the elderly ... especially those who don't have regular visitors.