Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Kobi and me

Each picture tells a story. Who knows the whole story? The subjects? The photographer? Even the viewers can make up their own story.

What do you think the story is behind this photograph?

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Here's Kobi's story. At least today's story.

Hey mom, whatcha doin' down there? I usually have to look up to you. I kinda like it like this though. I feel a bit bigger when there isn't four feet between your face and mine. I like being close to you. Wanna come sit with me on this chair. It's my favorite. But you know that. This is where I nap. I get to see what's going on in the world just outside the window from here. I know, you spoiled me by letting me claim this chair. But that's why I love you so much. 'Cause you take care of me. 'Cause you love me. It's pure love. Pure because that's what happens with me and you. Pure, cause there are no games, well not those funny kinda games people play with each other sometimes. Oh, I love to play games with my ball. And you do such a great job trying to fool me by pretending to throw it one way, then tossing it another. I always figure you out though, eventually. Yea, you fake me out sometimes. But it keeps things interesting. Thanks for loving me so much, Mom.

Texture thanks to Pixel Dust: Etched in Stone
Textures thanks to Kim Klassen at Beyond Layers: Simplicity

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Monday, January 23, 2012

My story in 6 little words

As you know if you've been following me recently, I am involved in lots and lots of creating endeavors. Kim Klassen has challenged us (her peeps) to consider telling our creative stories in a six word memoir. In addition, I had a Flickr friend challenge me to doing a photo project that could answer the question, Who Am I? I'm still contemplating the latter, but for now I'll address the six little words.

My first, off-the-top-of-my-head effort, which reflects the entire timeline of my life.

Left alone. Adopted. Loved. Left alone. 

The second left alone represented that my parents are now gone.
I decided I didn't want that to sum up my life, so I changed it to:
Left alone. Adopted. Loved. Finally dreaming.

As I proceeded through my day, I passed a car with a bumper sticker that truly made me laugh out loud. Odd what strikes our funny bones. Sometimes it is only momentary and later we wonder why we found it funny. This is the case with this, which I also find amusing. Not much of a picture, but it did serve as a foundation for my story.

By the way, did you notice that beautiful sky in the side-view mirror?

And it made me think further--combining the caution sign and my friend, Karen's, What If? exercise. She encourages me to consider "What if [fill in the blank with something good]?"

Caution: What if I might succeed?

I have read that our greatest fear is not that we will fail, but that we might succeed. There are times I think this is exactly the crux of the matter. It is easier to settle for mediocrity, for average, for coasting. If we succeed, we could no longer hang our shingle on blaming someone else. We wouldn't have much to complain about.

And all this takes me farther down the road to:

Proceed bravely. Enjoy the ride. Celebrate!

I love the process of transformation. It can take years and years, but can also happen in the blink of an eye. We get to choose. Sometimes I choose the long road. I think that's because there are many little lessons to encounter along the way.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Guidance tools

I haven't used these tools regularly in some time. I don't know why because I know when I do, things go more smoothly. I love how while I was working on shooting different angles, Kobi rolled his ball into the mix. I suppose that also gives me guidance. He and the ball bring me hours of pleasure and smiles.

mouseover for before image

Since I love macros, I couldn't help myself. Had to get up close and personal and play with different angles. I didn't arrange for the abundance card to be on top. It fell that way. I would say the divine is supporting my choice to focus on that word this year. As each day passes, I feel more and more hopeful that this is going to be a very good year.

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As I was down on Kobi's level, he was so comfortable with me being there that he just laid down within the frame.

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The Rune figures are painted red, but since I plan on posting this to Macro Monday and the theme is monochrome, I changed it to black and white. I pick my daily Rune in a couple of ways. Often I will just put my hand in the pouch and pull one out. Other times I pour them all out in a pile to choose.

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Textures thanks to Kim Klassen.

Friday, January 20, 2012

The Magic of Manifesting!

More words than pictures today, but I' hope you'll hang in there with me.

Manifesting. It really works. I know it because I've experienced it too many times in my life. Set an intention. Wait. Think about the intention. Take some action. Wait. Get serious about that intention and focus every bit of attention I have on it and BAM! things start to happen. Bits fall into place. And suddenly what I've asked for comes into being.

I wonder then why it's not sustainable. We go through ebbs and flows. Well, that's a good metaphor. The sea doesn't always stay at high tide with great surfing waves crashing upon the shore every day all day. So, why should I think or expect that I could/should be able to manifest instantly whatever I want whenever I want? It would be helpful if I even knew what I wanted all the time. Processing. That is … well, a process. It takes time.

I've also discovered over the last year that sometimes in order for me to move in a different direction and really be clear I even have to experience something unpleasant or down right awful! Another metaphor--sometimes creeks/rivers are beautiful and twist and turn in the directions they do because of the obstacles in the way of the flowing water. See, those rocks often cause the waves, splashes, and white water that we love to photograph. It's what makes the image more enticing.

So, how did I get off on this tangent? Well, 2011 was a challenging year. There were lots of good things along the way, but it was the rocks in the creek bed that caused me to venture out to local walking paths with my camera. It was my commitment to find beauty in the world in the face of adversity that led me to taking pictures every weekend and consistently writing about my experiences for a year. It was The Stroll that helped me keep my sanity and move forward. And when I was laid off in December, I was ready for a change.

The stars aligned. Oh, I know that sounds so cliche, but how else might you describe it. The dominos had been set and someone just pushed the first one setting the flow in motion. File for unemployment. Pursue job opps from Indeed.com and craigslist. Talk to people about what I was looking for. Get some sound advice. Move in a positive direction. Be at the right place at the right time.

Several months ago I wasn't ready for all this. I couldn't figure out what it was I was looking for. What I'd rather do and be. I remember saying to friends that there wasn't anything out there that called my name. But thirteen days ago, there was. With that said, I didn't even know it in its fullness until I began the interview process. The good news is I found a creative outlet in customizing the header of each submission to the brand of the company I was pursuing. All I needed was for one person to appreciate the effort; to see the value. Then I found a group of people who seemed to think like me and have a mission to work with companies that want to make a difference in this world. They made the interview process fun. Maybe not fun for some folks as some of the steps felt quite risky, but I came away feeling energized. It all makes me smile.

So here I am. I embark on a new journey next Wednesday. I'm really excited to walk this path, just as I was excited about My Camino. Hmmm, suddenly I remember a friend of mine asking if I'd experienced a shift after I walked 36 miles in four days. I think I've experienced several shifts since those four days at Thanksgiving 2011. ;-> I'm holding on. Guessing its going to be an exciting ride.

I'm working my One Little Word 2012: ABUNDANCE. In the world of gems, this moss agate represents abundance and new beginnings. It is also known to attract new friendships, new business opportunities, increase trust, and remove negativity.

I can only see from the vantage point from where I stand on any given day. This is my vantage point today. And it feels really good. I'm grateful for the trials now. Can't say I was very graceful while in the midst of them, but the experiences taught me things. Things I wouldn't have understood or known otherwise. Things that helped me grow and move forward. Looking forward to new possibilities!

There's magic in manifesting.

Texture thanks to Kim Klassen: ifonly
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Thursday, January 19, 2012

You gotta ask

Abundance is my word for this year and it's already showing up! Sometimes, you just gotta ask.

Earlier this week, I went to Tokyo Joe's for lunch with my friend Jill. The fellow at the counter asked if I wanted a "frequent flyer" card. Jill said, "Lissa, you should really do that!" So, I jumped on it and half-teasingly asked if I could get punches for the last three times I was in! The answer was yes! Now how do you like that? I'd made a point of asking the fellow's name and he knew I'd been in at least once before. It helps to be nice.

A couple days later, I went to Dairy Queen. I ordered a hot fudge sundae. The gal rang me up and then I thought to ask if I could get nuts. She said, "Sure, and I won't charge you since I've already swiped your card." Gee, that was nice. It's the little things that bring us back and I can guarantee you I'll be back to Tokyo Joe's and Dairy Queen. This isn't big money, but the pennies add up and in some ways it's more about the symbolism.

Abundance is also showing up in getting together with friends. In addition to meeting with Jill, I had coffee with my friend Shirley today; tomorrow I have coffee with Janet; Saturday coffee with Carrie; and Sunday a photo shoot with a new Flickr friend Meegan. Wow. And one of the things I put in my ABUNDANCE Wordle cloud was companionship! How do you like that? Well, I like it a lot!

By the way, I accepted a job offer today! Yay!!

Texture thanks to Kim Klassen at Beyond Layers: awaken The exercise was less is more. If you haven't joined Beyond Layers, it's not too late. Come join the fun!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My Creative Story for Beyond Layers

My creative story ... for Beyond Layers. Oh my gosh, do you have time for this? Well, if not, just look at the pictures!

First, I gotta say ommwriter (http://www.ommwriter.com/en/) is a very cool little program with a background layer and meditative background music. Thank you, Kim Klassen!

I think I have been a creative since I was born! I certainly know that by the time I was five I enjoyed coloring and finger painting. When I was nine I loved paint by numbers and box kits that my mom got me. The one I remember most is one where I glued cording as an outline to a board and then glued rock chips inside the outlines. I also expressed my creativity while baking in my Easy Bake Oven. Oh, how much fun I had with those things. I wrote my first neighborhood newsletter with a friend (I only remember her first initial was M) when I was ten. We called it the L & M News. I think we only wrote one issue. Ha! Unfortunately, I don't have any of these or pictures. That's what happens when you grow up in a military family. We just couldn't keep everything.

Anyway, as I got older I found different avenues. Journaling was a big one for me. I used to choose a new journal every year and I found as the years went by I liked writing in different kinds of journals: spiral notebooks, composition notebooks, twin-loop journals. I tried bound journals that actually looked like books, but I didn't like them much. I preferred those that could flip back on themselves. I also found I couldn't write in really fancy journals. It felt like whatever I wrote in them had to be perfect. I still feel that way. I've had trouble choosing one for this year as I've gone more digital. I can write faster and keep up with my thoughts better while typing. I've also found that my journaling has taken different forms: emails, essays, poetry, blog posts. So I tend not to journal as much or as regularly as I used to with paper and pencil/pen. My journal was more for processing challenges, so when things are good I don't journal as much. This is sad because I haven't regularly documented the good things!

My creativity has also taken physical forms. I went through phases: sewing, quilting, embroidery, cross stitch, cake design, pottery, dream boards, painting (rooms), photography. Oh, I can't forget food--baking specifically.

One of my favorite phases was my pottery phase. I created a piece I called a candleglobe: two pinch pots fused together with a star on the top to vent the candle flame and a hole in the bottom so it could be slipped over a votive candle cup. Then around the circumference I carved a theme-oriented design through which the light would shine.

2011 Dream Board
This dream board manifested in some interesting ways. The most significant bits are "money is simple," "leading from the heart," the crystal piece full of money, and the friends with angel wings. The money didn't come in the form of cash flow, but in further education (Masters in Liberal Studies/Creative Writing) paid for by the company I worked for and an old fashioned pension that I became fully vested for a month before I was laid off. It's all good. Then I developed deeper relationships with some girlfriends. Relationships I treasure.

I started taking pictures with a Kodak Instamatic 124, then an Instamatic Pocket 20, then a Polaroid Swinger. Got my first 35mm from my former husband--a Nikon FG-20. I loved that camera. It was a sad day when it was stolen on my move from Arizona to Colorado. Insurance paid for a replacement and I got a Nikon FG. It was never quite the same and after a bit, the camera spent more time on the self than in my hands. But something happen in December 2010. I was going through a tough time at work. I started walking and taking pictures with my Blackberry. People were telling me my photos were great. I laughed because I wasn't using a "real" camera! So, I treated myself to a Nikon D5000. I fell in love all over again and haven't stopped since. This is a really bad Photo Booth (Mac camera) pic of my current equipment. It includes the FG and D-5000, several lenses, flash, remote, and my Blackberry.

I dabble. I get bored. I move on. I rarely go back, although I have kept boxes of fabric from my quilting days (maybe I'll do it again) and I still have my kiln even though I haven't used it in years. My dream boards are posted in my room. I didn't do one this year. I decided to do Ali Edwards' One Little Word 2012 thereby doing my collage in a different fashion-using my photography rather than magazine pictures. In addition, I chose to spend New Year's by myself rather than inviting friends for the dream board party. I chose ABUNDANCE as my word for the year. I'm already seeing it manifest in a variety of ways.

My latest creativity is the adaptation of digital photography. Kim Klassen's Photoshop Essentials opened a new world for me, as did creating my photo-journal, The Stroll, in InDesign. Interesting that I embarked on those things as an endeavor to expand my work skills.

I digress. I have found that taking pictures and working with textures has opened new windows for me. I spend an inordinate amount of time on my computer now. I think it is actually my best friend. And I do find good friends there through Flickr. I've even connected with some local folks so I can meet in person.

Housekeeping is not one of my best venues for creativity. One thing I do want to accomplish is cleaning up my house and recreating my office that has become a flop off, drop off storage room since I moved my bedroom downstairs about two years ago. It used to be my favorite room in the house. Now I sit in a chair in my living room with the TV on in the background, even if I don't really listen to it. OK, so just turned the sound off and can actually hear the background music on ommwriter and the sound of water drops as I type individual letters. It is very cool.

If you got this far, thanks so much for sticking with me. ;->

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Making Happy!

For the first time in my life (I think), I've been having some fun with a job search. I've customized each application by making a header for my cover letter and resume that brands to the website of the company I'm applying to. Using my creative talents makes the effort fun.

The second interview I had today went well and surprise, surprise ... it was fun! They had me participate in an interactive "game" that is designed to further determine the candidate match to the company culture. So, I'm on to the next step in the process. Not counting my chickens yet, but it looks promising.

So, this evening I'm "making happy" as I "Reach high ... for stars lie hidden in your (my) soul." I'm open to possibilities and smilin' as I sip my hot cocoa. ;->

Texture thanks to Kim Klassen: evolve

Monday, January 16, 2012

A Fowl Day

I knew as 2011 ended and 2012 began I was signing up for a lot: Shutter Sisters 365, One Little Word 2012, In the Picture Selfies, Macro Mondays, Beyond Layers!! All on top of looking for full-time work and/or pursuing promoting my own photography!! Whew! I need to take a breath just saying all of that.

I've already fallen behind because looking for work has taken a front row seat, as it should. In fact, such a front row seat that I've been involved in the interview process. I have a second interview tomorrow! Of course, that is a VERY good thing!! I'm going to reserve any reflections about all that for now, but will bring you up to date when I know more.

In the meantime, I took Kobi on a walk on one of the Niwot trails in Boulder today. I had lots and lots of fowl opportunities. First, I saw a Blue Heron. I definitely wasn't prepared for him, but I still caught a fair picture. It's a case of lens envy, for sure.
Even though it was quite chilly out and dark clouds were threatening snow, the ducks didn't seem to care. Three of the four remained in my frame.

But not for long before they took flight. This is the best of one of them. 

Later, I happened on a beautiful frozen pond. It was on private property, but the public walking path stretched out just beside the fence. There were so many geese congregating on the ice. But my favorite image was of this lovely little Mallard duckie that walked across the ice to get a drink where it was melting in the center of the pond. 

As Kobi and I continued to walk on down the path the geese flew off in flocks. I took lots and lots of pictures of them. In this one, they were still quite low to the ground.

But, I also got a great close-up. 

On the way back, the branch on the ice caught my eye with some ducks in the background. I am continually amazed at some of the things that look so beautiful in the winter months. So often we think of these months being brown and grey and blah. But it isn't just that. In some ways winter can sparkle. In some ways details pop out differently than in other seasons. For example, the tree branch would either be floating on the pond surface and only be partially visible, or it would have sunk to the bottom.

By the time I was almost back to the car, the sun began to peek through the clouds. I was ready to get home and rest even though it wasn't a hard hike, but I think the temperature took it out of me. Consider this The Stroll on a blog!

Textures thanks to Kim Klassen: evolve2 on the Mallard taking a drink.
Textures thanks to Shadowhouse Creations: Square 58 on the Blue Heron and the single goose.

Linked up with Lisa Gordon's Creative Exchange 1/16 -1/20.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Lots of time to play ...

Last night it became quite clear that I have an abundance of time. An image came to mind and I jumped up to compose it. How else to symbolized having so much time that you almost don't know what to do with it? A timer and three watches. I have more timepieces, but this did the trick and I needed to document that I seem to have all the time in the world. I also needed to make it clear to myself that this is something to be enjoyed, not wished away.

Most would consider my snapping, photoshopping, flickring, blogging play or even a way to avoid reality. I'm beginning to think there is more to this. I just can't see around the corner yet. I am even beginning to believe all this is my apprenticeship for something grand to come. Oh yes, it's challenging to not know when I will have a regular paycheck again, but I am working on embracing the process. Trust that as long as I do my part ... look for work, practice and improve my skills, be open to good things ... each day will unfold as it should.

I gave Kobi a bath. After blow drying him, he was so soft and fluffy. Still needing clipping, he looked a bit ... well, round! Ha, ha! How can I not love this little ball of fur? Of course, my love translated to being a snapping fool. Then I spent a LOT of time post-processing. Practicing removing unwanted objects and refining edges was a good thing. I had a problem spot after removing a cluttered portion of the room so I chose to add a couple images that offered a nice background and some brush stamps of trees creating a bit of an illusion that it might be impossible for Kobi to get his ball.

mouseover for before image

That made me think of the title of a book I'd read years ago, The Impossible Just Takes a Little Longer: Living with Passion and Purpose by Art Berg. And that led me to consider that he had a much more challenging life than I. You see, Art Berg was a quadriplegic. I was lucky enough to hear him speak before his powerful speaking career was cut short when he died unexpectedly. I think I might revisit that inspiring book. He had a lot to say about keeping going when the going got tough.

So, I am very lucky. Lucky indeed. I get to play with pictures and I love doing that. I'm so happy I have such a sweet puppy dog who brings me inspiration!

What are you grateful for? What do you wake up wanting to do? Or stay up late? Are you doing it? If not, why not? I'd love to hear what wakes you up or keeps you awake.

Texture thanks to Kim Klassen: 'confidence' used on the timepieces

I took photos of some scrapbooking papers and layered them as the background of Kobi and the ball.

Friday, January 6, 2012

ABUNDANCE in a cloud!

Thanks to Geri from My Heart Art, I created my One Little Word: ABUNDANCE as a cloud using Tagxedo! It's a very cool little program. I spent way too long playing there, but I just love this!

Some of you are amazed at how fast I've come up to speed on taking pictures, processing with Photoshop, creating layouts in InDesign, and building my blog. I guess the answer is since I spend 14 hours a day playing at these things, if I didn't improve I would wonder why I bother. Ha! (oh yes, I am exagerating--a bit) 'Tis true, this is all play for me. Maybe, just maybe it will all pay off one day.

Thanks for visiting. Go try playing with the clouds. You might discover angels ... or at least a little bit of art. ;->

The sky tells a story

Yesterday afternoon, I took a walk around Waneka Lake in Lafayette, Colorado with my favorite companion. Along the way, we enjoyed visiting with the young children and other dogs.

I loved Mia's boots. They had eyes on top at the toes. When I asked her if they helped her see in the dark she said, "yes," without hesitating. It still makes me smile. Children believe without even thinking. It's a wonderful thing. I want to capture that feeling again.

Although the dogs and kids were entertaining, the most amazing things were happening in the sky. As I walked the 1.2 miles around the lake, the sky and reflections changed. First, when the sun was still rather high in the sky, I caught a flock of geese as they launched into the sky against the backdrop of the Rocky Mountains.

It was so gorgeous out. Turns out it got up to 70º! How can that be in January? The warm weather has caused the lake to begin to melt lending itself to some wonderful reflections.

I stopped at this spot where the clouds swirled against a blue skirt. It reminds me of how icing spreads on a cake. At this spot, I stopped to chat with a gentleman, Rich, who was waiting for the perfect shot with his Canon. He got this same image as it turned pink and lavender with the waning sun. He was also taking serial photos for a panorama that he would stitch together in post-processing. We talked for quite some time and shared some of our experiences with photography. He suggested I join the Louisville Art Association, which someone else had suggested, but I just haven't done it ... yet. I really enjoyed the camaraderie.

As I loaded Kobi in the car and prepared to leave, I was stunned by the streaks in the sky and the wonderful reflection. Looks a bit like streamers or fireworks.

I returned home to frame some prints to display in my dentist's waiting room! That's why I didn't catch that beautiful sunset myself. As I left my house to make the delivery, I was in the right place to snap this angry sky. They are foreboding. I've never seen anything like it. The forecast for the weekend is cold and possibly more snow.

It seems to me that if the sky naturally has all these personalities or experiences these different moods, so can I. It reminds me that there is room for  all my feelings. It also says to me that the sky is the limit — good things come to an open heart and mind.

Have you ever paid this much attention to the sky? What does it say to you?

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I think I've got it backwards!

I had an awakening today. It's been FOUR weeks already since I was laid off! Quite amazing. I don't know where the time goes. What I do know is I have been loving taking pictures, blogging, looking at others' photos and blogs, flickring, and playing with pictures (levels adjustsments, cropping, texturing, overlays, posting), and did I say blogging?) But I think I've got it backwards because I spend all day doing that and look for work at night! Maybe. Hmmm, maybe the maybe is about photos and blogging IS my work or should be my work. I'll have to think about that. Well, on to the cool pics.

Yesterday I awoke early to the most a.m.a.z.i.n.g sunrise. I'm rarely up early enough for the sunrise, but this one made the whole world glow pink! I jumped out of bed, ran for my camera, and stood in my arcadia door in my nightshirt and undies looking up at the sky through the tree branches. Is it possible there is an angel watching over me? Do you see her? And I'm doing exactly what I'm supposed to be doing?

mouseover for before image

I love seeing things differently. Seeing visually from different perspectives helps me see life in new ways. I loved taking this picture of an angel from below. She's holding a heart in her hands. It reminded me to be gentle with myself. There will be time enough to get up early, jump in the shower, get dressed, slip into the car for a commute, work in an office bringing my talent to the corporate world, and then play that in reverse.

mouseover for before image

Since it's already the 5th of January, I thought it was time to choose a journal even though I've done most of my journaling of late on my computer. I pulled out some very cool blank journals I bought FIVE years ago. You see, I'm pretty moody about what I write in. The last few years I went through a phase of using composition notebooks with different colorfully designed covers. On the one hand, I know how picking up a pen/pencil and physically writing in a journal can bring an earthy groundedness to the experience. It helps me slow down. It helps me feel and be in touch with physical materials. On the other hand, typing is faster. I can keep up with my thoughts better. Nevertheless, I loved the message on the one below: Follow Your Own Star.

Maybe, just maybe, following my own star with that angel watching over me, I will find the abundance in all things that I'm looking for.

What pink glows, angels, and messages have made it into your early days of the new year? Are you paying attention? Are you listening? They come quietly, you know. Whispering.

Textures thanks to Kim Klassen on the angel (embrace) and journals (phoebe).

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

One Little Word 2012: Abundance

For the past five years, I hosted a Dream Board party to create a visual intention for the coming year. I'd have several friends come share the experience. We always had a grand time, but this year I chose to spend the time privately doing the same but in a different way. I joined Ali Edwards' One Little Word 2012 project. The foundation is scrapbooking, but I will be doing it digitally.

I'm having fun creating my manifestation pages for ABUNDANCE. First, I took a couple images of money filling up and spilling out of a liqueur glass.

Texture for the above image thanks to Kim Klassen: embrace

Then, using ideas from Ali's templates, I created my definition page that includes synonyms, quotations, invitations, reasons I chose the word, and images I took that remind me of my goal.

Background thanks to Pixel Dust

My word came to me as I walked my Mini-Camino of 36 miles in four days at Thanksgiving last year. I noticed so much awesome wildlife: crows, deer, squirrels. There were many friendly faces of hikers and mountain bikers who all greeted me with "have a good day." I was able to capture so much beauty in images that I shared through The Stroll, a photo-journal I published for a full year.

I realized that all the things I want in life are available abundantly: energy, companionship, joy, inspiration, fulfillment, and fun. My job is to recognize them and embrace all opportunities to engage and enjoy this life. I believe that financial abundance will come as I walk this path with open eyes and an open heart.

The quotes I found address issues I want to work on: "acting as if" and screening out doubts and fears.

"Act the part and you will become the part." ~ William James

“I keep the telephone of my mind open to peace, harmony, health, love and abundance. Then whenever doubt, anxiety, or fear try to call me, they keep getting a busy signal and soon they’ll forget my number.” ~ Edith Armstrong

My hope for you is that you set an intention for the coming year and hold it close. Pay attention. Embrace what comes.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Promising projects

I've decided to do the Project 365 with Shutter Sisters! I know doing this can only help me improve my snapping, clicking, shooting expertise. I have been tripod averse, but played with using one and a remote shutter release here as I poured the milk in the coffee.

So here is my first submission. My morning coffee with my One Little Word 2012 cover in the background: Abundance. I added Kobi to that cover because the image of him running in the snow signifies so much: energy, joy, moving forward with enthusiasm!!

Happy New Year and best wishes to all as you step into fresh starts.

Join me in Geri's (My Heart Art) blog hop to share our One Little Words!

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