The Colorado Trail

Let me begin with something that happened in the middle. The middle of my life. At 58, I was going along, somewhat asleep actually. Not particularly happy with my work. And frankly despondent about the daily routine. Sound familiar. BAM!

September 2013: diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia
January 2014: received a stem cell transplant
June 2015: Placed my first step on The Colorado Trail to thru-hike 485 miles.

I have been disease-free now since the beginning of 2014! In 2015 life got back to normal, whatever normal is. Glad I can do this sort of thing again.

I planned and researched my "second life" adventure and was so excited about this opportunity. For months, I read accounts and watch videos by long trail hikers, looked for and purchased just the right equipment, and became engaged in a FB group, Colorado Trail Thru Hike 2015. I hadn't backpacked in a VERY long time, but I was inspired to do this.

I had read about the Camino de Santiago in Spain, but why trek half way around the world when I had the beauty of the Rockies and San Juans in my back yard.


As providence would have it, I did not finish The Colorado Trail, but I did complete 156 miles of it--Denver to Leadville. I'm very proud of that. I carried all that I would need to survive in the wilderness in my Osprey Aura 65 AG backpack. It weighed between 30-34 lbs depending on how much water and food I was carrying.

I started on June 29, 2015. After hiking 9 days/92 miles with the last three rainy and cold, I had some leg issues that took me off trail. I made it almost to Breckenridge and was terribly disappointed that I hadn't made the 100-mile mark. I took some time to rest and do some strengthening exercises to help my legs, then was on my way again. Adding 64 miles/7 day to my total, I made it to Leadville on August 16 where I decided I'd done enough for now. It was time to re-enter the "real" world, although that world out there is very real to me.

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Some of My Training Hikes

Rolling Creek Backpack Overnight

Rolling Creek Trail, Pike National Forest, Colorado

Gem Lake, Rocky Mountain National Forest

Gem Lake, Rocky Mountain National Forest, Colorado

Skunk Trail, Boulder, CO
Skunk Trail, Boulder, Colorado

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