Sunday, June 30, 2013

Stolen Moments: A Birthday Escape

Some birthdays are filled with celebrations with love ones; some are lonely, only acknowledged as another day on the calendar; and some are spent exactly as one wishes.

My day yesterday began with a string of Facebook updates from friends and family ... I heard from the most important people.

Since I got my new job, I've put a little bit away each week for a rainy day ... so I treated myself to a brand new Macbook Pro laptop! Woohoo! Then I spent the morning setting up and recreating the interface I'd come to love on my old Macbook. Then ... I got out even though it threatened to rain.

Off I went with Kobi ... driving in the direction of Lyons and Estes Park. I turned off before that toward Ward since I'd never explored that area. Although I didn't go far, I found a trailhead at at Buckingham Park. The rushing water called my name to cleanse my soul ... there's nothing like the sound of rushing water to make everything new.

click the image to see larger version

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click the image to see larger version on Flickr
Texture thanks to Kim Klassen: touchof-2

Don't see the Arthropods (insects)? They've taken up residence ... I was only after the flower and didn't see them until I began processing in Photoshop. You can see them in the larger image on Flickr.

Before I left Buckingham Park, I found a spot beside the creek, took my shoes and socks off, and dangled my feet in the cool rushing water. Haven't done that in forever. It felt wonderful ... especially since it was "humider" than it usually is here in Colorado.

There's nothing like a walk to wear Kobi out ... he slept all the way home even though it was only a short walk. It was a grand time for both of us.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Homesteading the Soul - Hot Off the Press

The latest of my book projects is complete! It was a wonderful journey with client and author, Terry Keepers. A quiet-spoken gentleman, Terry, shared a special relationship he had with his grandfather and other stories of his life as we worked together to bring this volume into the world. We're happy to announce that Homesteading the Soul is now available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble online.

Terry Keepers shares Hugo, Colorado history, elicits emotion--both laughter and tears, and takes his readers on a spiritual journey. I hope you'll consider adding this engaging amalgam of memoir, history, and philosophy to your personal library.

Back Cover Copy:

Homesteading the Soul chronicles the remarkable relationship between a city boy and his prairie grandfather. The youngster finds wisdom, strength, and an appreciation of life’s passages through mentorship with his grandfather, who guides by story and example.

The old homesteader recounts adventures from his life: death by lightning, an epidemic, a lynching, and hereditary alcoholism. There are also lighter times including Sunday dinner, riding a combine, and a community hoedown.

Each episode imparts revelations to the boy, though he doesn’t understand their soul-making value until he is grown. As an adult, he explores the meanings of these experiences and their importance for others.

Homesteading the Soul is heartwarming, edifying, and soul-nourishing. Compelling reading, it moves us to laughter, tears, and new understandings of our own lives. It celebrates the power of love as it explores the growth of the soul in a personal and captivating way. Keepers knows the value of a good parable and uses it well.

Writing from the perspective of his eighth decade on earth, Dr. Keepers offers readers transformative stories of a life-sparing and life- giving relationship with his grandfather, an old man of the trades, a farmer-hunter whose foibles are noted along with his gritty-plainspeaking radiance. In all, these are stories of an old man who helped to pull a shy and ‘unwalked with’ boy from the temporal and spiritual birth canal where the child-man was struggling to be born.
~ Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Ph.D.
Author of Women Who Run With The Wolves,
and Untie the Strong Woman,
Blessed Mother’s Immaculate Love

To learn more about Terry Keepers and his book,
visit http://www.keystonecourtpress.com

Monday, June 10, 2013

Stolen Moments: Little Bandits

These little bandits were causing a ruckus just as I was getting ready to turn out the light last night at 11pm. A little dog barked (not mine) and I wandered out to see if anything suspicious was going on in my back yard.

And there they were in all their glory ... babies adventuring away from their mama. I ran for the camera ... watched ... and caught them red-handed. Turns out there are three and they seem to be taking up residence in my neighbor's yard.

I'm sure you know the phrase, "Be careful what you wish for," but this is a bit of a lesson in "be careful what you wonder about!" Two or three weeks ago, I was watching Jack Hanna's Animal Adventures ... he was showing a raccoon and I thought, I've never seen a raccoon. Wouldn't that be cool to get a picture of ... and voilà ... there they are!

Now the question is, what to do about them. They are in my neighbor's yard, so I don't have access AND I don't really want to pay the fee to get them gone. BUT, it does concern me a bit that they may eventually have access to Kobi who will just think they are a play thing. Since they can carry rabies and I'm only guessing, but the mama could be very nasty if she feels she needs to protect her kits.

Well, I've called the local raccoon nabber and am waiting for a call back. We'll see what happens next. Probably, I'll need to have another chat with the neighbor!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Creative Expression: I Love You More

Which comes first? The chicken or the egg? Artwork or reality?

This piece was inspired as I was doing a Photoshop show and tell for my friend, Shirley. We meet regularly to catch up, write, work, support and inspire. Today we spent more time talking and sharing than working, but we accomplished a bit of it all.

Textures thanks to Shadowhouse Creations: Square 160, 163, 169
Heart brush thanks to DesignFruit, which was altered using Puppet Warp in Photoshop.

This piece started out quite different--only half-hearts, but after Shirley left, I continued and the piece evolved. Then I got to thinking about the game "I love you more" that my kids and I played when they were little. It brings a smile to my face ... I wonder who loves who more ... and how one could even measure that. Things are always evolving there too. So, which comes first? Artwork or reality? Clearly, each is inspiration for the other.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Stolen Moments: Orange Petals

This morning I got a slow start and I needed to stop at the grocery store on my way to work. Regardless of the time, I noticed this beautiful shock of orange as I passed through the produce section and took a few seconds to capture the beauty. It was worth it.

mouseover to see before image

I'm guessing these are a type of chrysanthemum, but I'm sure my "flower" blogger buddies will be able to clarify for me.

UPDATE 6/5/13: I was back at the grocery story this evening and discovered these are California Sunflowers! It's always good to learn. ;->