Saturday, June 15, 2013

Homesteading the Soul - Hot Off the Press

The latest of my book projects is complete! It was a wonderful journey with client and author, Terry Keepers. A quiet-spoken gentleman, Terry, shared a special relationship he had with his grandfather and other stories of his life as we worked together to bring this volume into the world. We're happy to announce that Homesteading the Soul is now available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble online.

Terry Keepers shares Hugo, Colorado history, elicits emotion--both laughter and tears, and takes his readers on a spiritual journey. I hope you'll consider adding this engaging amalgam of memoir, history, and philosophy to your personal library.

Back Cover Copy:

Homesteading the Soul chronicles the remarkable relationship between a city boy and his prairie grandfather. The youngster finds wisdom, strength, and an appreciation of life’s passages through mentorship with his grandfather, who guides by story and example.

The old homesteader recounts adventures from his life: death by lightning, an epidemic, a lynching, and hereditary alcoholism. There are also lighter times including Sunday dinner, riding a combine, and a community hoedown.

Each episode imparts revelations to the boy, though he doesn’t understand their soul-making value until he is grown. As an adult, he explores the meanings of these experiences and their importance for others.

Homesteading the Soul is heartwarming, edifying, and soul-nourishing. Compelling reading, it moves us to laughter, tears, and new understandings of our own lives. It celebrates the power of love as it explores the growth of the soul in a personal and captivating way. Keepers knows the value of a good parable and uses it well.

Writing from the perspective of his eighth decade on earth, Dr. Keepers offers readers transformative stories of a life-sparing and life- giving relationship with his grandfather, an old man of the trades, a farmer-hunter whose foibles are noted along with his gritty-plainspeaking radiance. In all, these are stories of an old man who helped to pull a shy and ‘unwalked with’ boy from the temporal and spiritual birth canal where the child-man was struggling to be born.
~ Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Ph.D.
Author of Women Who Run With The Wolves,
and Untie the Strong Woman,
Blessed Mother’s Immaculate Love

To learn more about Terry Keepers and his book,
visit http://www.keystonecourtpress.com


  1. Sounds like a great read! I know you have worked so hard on this, how great to see it finally in print!!

  2. Sounds like a great book!

  3. Congratulations on helping Dr Keepers bring the story of his grandfather (and the lessons he learned from him) to readers.

  4. Wish I had more time to read - it sounds like a great book.

  5. Congratulations!!!

  6. Sounds like you have a wonderfully rewarding job! Thanks for sharing this.


  7. This sounds wonderful, Lissa, and congratulations on its completion!
    Thank you too, for sharing it here.


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