Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Stolen Moments: Orange Petals

This morning I got a slow start and I needed to stop at the grocery store on my way to work. Regardless of the time, I noticed this beautiful shock of orange as I passed through the produce section and took a few seconds to capture the beauty. It was worth it.

mouseover to see before image

I'm guessing these are a type of chrysanthemum, but I'm sure my "flower" blogger buddies will be able to clarify for me.

UPDATE 6/5/13: I was back at the grocery story this evening and discovered these are California Sunflowers! It's always good to learn. ;->


  1. Lovely orange. Glad that you stopped to capture it.

  2. Wow! They are gorgeous! Love your processing. Glad you took the time to snap it.

  3. Wowza! Great color and detail. Very unusual animation too.


  4. Such a beautiful, bright color to start your day with.

  5. I really love these sunflowers. Actually much better than those huge ones, although I am sure the birds would not agree with me!!

    What a gorgeous color this is, Lissa!

    Happy day to you!

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