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Book and Cover Design

All You Can Do, Poems by Shirley Wilsey

All You Can Do is a client project available soon online. Visit Writing Woman Press to see more about the book and the author, Shirley Wilsey.
[Cover design, blog design, self-publishing consulting.]

Homesteading the Soul

Homesteading the Soul is a client project now available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble online. Visit Keystone Court Press to see more about the book and the author, Terry Keepers.
[Cover design, internal layout and design, self-publishing consulting.]

Write from the Inside

Write from the Inside: Dig for Treasures, Discover Yourself, Leave a Legacy
[Wrote content, layout and design--internal and cover, self-published.]
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The complete book is 222 pages and can be purchased here: http://www.theelementalpress.com/Products.htm

I completed legacy books for over 20 private clients under the imprint The Elemental Press  Legacy Books at The Elemental Press


On the Road to Hugo is about the trip I made to the hometown of Terry Keepers. This piece was my effort to show him what I was capable of and it won me the chance to work on his project, Homesteading the Soul. I'm very proud of both projects. Click image to see the full photojournal.

On the Road to Hugo


IWS Federal Brochure Sacred Heartfelt Moments Brochure
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Case Studies

AEC 1155 Canyon AEC Wilder Center
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Karen Mehringer's Heal Your Grief booklet Memorial booklet Anniversary booklet
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