Sunday, January 22, 2012

Guidance tools

I haven't used these tools regularly in some time. I don't know why because I know when I do, things go more smoothly. I love how while I was working on shooting different angles, Kobi rolled his ball into the mix. I suppose that also gives me guidance. He and the ball bring me hours of pleasure and smiles.

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Since I love macros, I couldn't help myself. Had to get up close and personal and play with different angles. I didn't arrange for the abundance card to be on top. It fell that way. I would say the divine is supporting my choice to focus on that word this year. As each day passes, I feel more and more hopeful that this is going to be a very good year.

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As I was down on Kobi's level, he was so comfortable with me being there that he just laid down within the frame.

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The Rune figures are painted red, but since I plan on posting this to Macro Monday and the theme is monochrome, I changed it to black and white. I pick my daily Rune in a couple of ways. Often I will just put my hand in the pouch and pull one out. Other times I pour them all out in a pile to choose.

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Textures thanks to Kim Klassen.

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