Friday, January 6, 2012

The sky tells a story

Yesterday afternoon, I took a walk around Waneka Lake in Lafayette, Colorado with my favorite companion. Along the way, we enjoyed visiting with the young children and other dogs.

I loved Mia's boots. They had eyes on top at the toes. When I asked her if they helped her see in the dark she said, "yes," without hesitating. It still makes me smile. Children believe without even thinking. It's a wonderful thing. I want to capture that feeling again.

Although the dogs and kids were entertaining, the most amazing things were happening in the sky. As I walked the 1.2 miles around the lake, the sky and reflections changed. First, when the sun was still rather high in the sky, I caught a flock of geese as they launched into the sky against the backdrop of the Rocky Mountains.

It was so gorgeous out. Turns out it got up to 70º! How can that be in January? The warm weather has caused the lake to begin to melt lending itself to some wonderful reflections.

I stopped at this spot where the clouds swirled against a blue skirt. It reminds me of how icing spreads on a cake. At this spot, I stopped to chat with a gentleman, Rich, who was waiting for the perfect shot with his Canon. He got this same image as it turned pink and lavender with the waning sun. He was also taking serial photos for a panorama that he would stitch together in post-processing. We talked for quite some time and shared some of our experiences with photography. He suggested I join the Louisville Art Association, which someone else had suggested, but I just haven't done it ... yet. I really enjoyed the camaraderie.

As I loaded Kobi in the car and prepared to leave, I was stunned by the streaks in the sky and the wonderful reflection. Looks a bit like streamers or fireworks.

I returned home to frame some prints to display in my dentist's waiting room! That's why I didn't catch that beautiful sunset myself. As I left my house to make the delivery, I was in the right place to snap this angry sky. They are foreboding. I've never seen anything like it. The forecast for the weekend is cold and possibly more snow.

It seems to me that if the sky naturally has all these personalities or experiences these different moods, so can I. It reminds me that there is room for  all my feelings. It also says to me that the sky is the limit — good things come to an open heart and mind.

Have you ever paid this much attention to the sky? What does it say to you?


  1. Lissa these are just great. Love all of the colors and "personality " of the sky that you have captured. Can really tell you are enjoying your days. Isn't it wonderful to have a break. Also, lots of fun to have the chance to connect with other photographers. Know Kobi enjoyed his time out too! Have a great day

  2. All beautiful shots....you have so many wonderful places to shoot where you live!

  3. Expansive photos and enlightening ponderations. Thank you!

  4. Beautiful shots of an amazing and ever-changing sky. Can't believe all the different perspectives you got. And to catch the geese as they launched (love that description) must've been sheer joy. What a day. All I can say is WOW!

  5. Those are awesome, mom...

  6. Lissa - Love the sky/cloud shots and your ponderings. Thanks for sharing! It inspires me to get some shots of the magnificent sunsets we've been having lately.

  7. That last picture sure did look like an angry sky! What a spectacular capture. Do you ever use filters...like gradient density filters?

  8. Simply beautifully captured shots...lovely!


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