Saturday, August 24, 2013

Creative Expression: Taking a bad blurry photo to painterly art

This was a really bad picture ... blurry because Kobi was moving and I was taking the picture with one hand. I love it though because Kobi is enjoying the remnants of raspberry sorbet in the carton. Oh, and that moth on the edge of the cup ... didn't bother Kobi a bit ... it was Photoshopped in. ;->

I learned how to make a brush from my own photographs of clouds and marble, and using some warm colors enhanced the image creating a painterly effect.

I love learning and am so inspired by Sebastian Michaels even though I go off on strange tangents after watching his videos.


  1. what a lovely creation to blossom from a blurry photo!

  2. Beautiful picture. Love your processing and cloud brush...

  3. Lovely, Lissa. Isn't Sebastian's course wonderful. He is so talented!

  4. Precious! Almost Christmas-y.


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