Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Walk and Click Wednesdays #22 & Tales from Kobi

It's time for Walk and Click Wednesday! It's so good to see you all linking up. Thanks for making this party a success!

Last weekend Mom took me to a new place on her Walk and Click adventure--a place called Westminster Hills Dog Park. It's a 420 acre park full of trails where I could roam off-leash and meet all kinds of new friends.

mouseover to see before image

This is a cool view of the Rocky Mountains, but Mom had to do a lot of work to remove the telephone poles and lines. Looks much better now.

I met so many new friends out there that Mom couldn't possibly take pictures of them all. And there was a pond that she just couldn't persuade me not to go wading in since there were already some other dogs paddling around in it. She finally called me out, but not before my bottom half was black and stinky. Good thing she kept walking long enough for me to dry and let some of the pond scum fall off. I didn't really mind, but she wouldn't have been too happy to have that all over her car!

And I ran into excentric Uncle Teddy with his green sweater. I never could understand why my smaller relatives wear sweaters, especially when it's 60º outside! I love just going au naturale.

There weren't many things for Mom to photograph out there except pups and mountains, but isn't this a pretty cool yucca seed pod?

Didn't get Mr. Golden Boy's name, but he was having a ball romping circles around me. By this time, I was getting pretty tired and we were just looking to get back to the car.

We were almost there and I just had to visit with Golden pup ... we learned his name, but unfortunately Mom forgot now. He was only 12 weeks old and already a little bit bigger than I am. Pretty timid, this one.

I slept all the way home and lucky me, got a bath, so now I'm nice and clean and sweet smelling!

My mom loves seeing every one of you who join in this linky, so thanks for coming. I love seeing her smile as she reads your posts. Now that she's working full-time it may take her a little longer to visit each of you, but she will ... promise! ;->


I look forward to seeing you here for Walk and Click Wednesdays. Can't wait to see what you saw on your strolls.

Please join me in the adventure. The only "requirement" other than those below is that you go out walking and take some pictures. Please keep in mind that you don't have to walk, take pictures, process them, and post all on Wednesday ... take the weekend before to explore and a few days to process your photos ... then link up.

Walk and Click Wednesdays (WCW) Guidelines:

Are you new to Walk and Click Wednesdays? The party will open on Wednesday and close on Saturday at midnight.

Here are just a few guidelines to keep everyone on target.
  • Please link directly to your WCW blog post or the specific flickr image, not to your main blog url or flickr stream url. Please do not link to an online shop.
  • Please link back to laf Custom Designs. I'd love it if you'd share my WCW button on your blog (it's over there on the sidebar--see it?--just under the Friends Who Love It Here icons). It will also serve as a reminder to you since I know you all have a lot going on in your lives.
  • Please visit the other WCW participants and share the love. Gotta get this party goin' on.
Have a great weekend and find some time to walk and click. ;->


  1. A lovely post, and a fun meme. Thanks for this.

  2. Hi. I like dogs. They are very cute. The Pocky mountain photo is very beautiful too.
    Thank you for hosting.

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post to my three year old grandson, Aaron. He loved the story and all of your pictures!! He laughted at the doggy with the sweater! I love the macro seedpod, lots of great details! Looks like you guys had a great time!

  4. Hi! I just linked up to join the party -- looks like fun! I enjoyed going on your outing with Kobi -- good to get a dog's eye view. Love the portrait of Mr. Golden Boy.

  5. got a kick reading your post from Kobi's viewpoint. although we don't have a dog yet my honey loves to walk at the dog park. i finally got out for a walk between rain, ice and freezing days so got to post for the first time on Walk and Click Wednesdays. thanks for hosting. it's a refreshing change from all the craft blogs I usually follow.

  6. I enjoyed reading your post, so lovely. Thanks for hosting!

  7. LOVE Golden puppy. I can almost remember those days :) Glad Kobi got dry before getting in the car. I can never keep Riley out of the water either. So wonderful to see so many new faces. Hope the job is still going great.

  8. Always fun reading from the dog's perspective. What happy lives they lead, right?

  9. Kobi has fun wherever he goes!

  10. Kobi is a sweetheart...so endearing and Mr. Teddy is hilarious.

  11. Kobi is such a cutie. What a fun day for him! You did a great job getting the power lines out of that photo. Did you just clone or is there another trick I need to know? (We have lines running along the back of our house!)

  12. I especially like Mr. GOlden Boy romping through the field - nice shot!

  13. What an adventure for you Kobi!
    It looks like you met so many new friends, and had such a wonderful time.

  14. I love your adventures Kobi. I have a little Bichon "niece" in Canada named Molly. You would have fun with her I'm sure.

    Keep up the great posts! You made my day.


  15. How adorable! I'm in love with the golden pup :) I want him!!!

  16. Tobi is so cute and his mom tells the best stories.
    Thank you for hosting the fun party.


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