Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Walk and Click Wednesdays #23: Gregory Canyon

It's time for Walk and Click Wednesday! We love seeing all of you. Do tell your friends how much fun it is to get out walking and taking pictures.

I like to find new places to go each weekend even though revisiting a spot can often yield new discoveries. Sometimes I don't do enough research though and this past weekend was no exception. Kobi and I got to Gregory Canyon at the west end of Baseline in Boulder on a very grey Super Bowl Sunday.

As you can see there was snow! I certainly hadn't prepared properly and didn't have the right shoes with ample tread on the soles, but decided to forge on anyway. Kobi, always the trooper, had no trouble, but I had to be extra careful as falling is never an option at my age.

It wasn't long before my sweet boy was waiting as I took a break to catch my breath, but I did continue. As it turned out, I believe this hike was only about one mile, but it felt like 5 miles.

It was steep. I call it the hike of a thousand steps ... up!! I must say due to the temperature, approximately 42º, not bad when there is sunshine, I was only on a mission to reach a destination ... the top. That is always relative when climbing mountains. In this case, on Amphitheater Trail, I thought I would find some sort of vista. Debatable.

There was this bright spot on the ground. Otherwise, the color was somewhat monochromatic ... brown, grey, forest green. Oh, and a bit of white.

More steps. Up, of course. I kept pushing although my body was saying, "Are you crazy?" Carrying extra weight and taking moderate strolls only a few times a week, it was just plain challenging, reminding me that I really must work on all this health stuff. OK, Sarah, I really must follow your lead, my friend. I'm so proud of you for your 5 lb. weight loss.

I did crest the horizon, but was disappointed that there wasn't really a view. It was chilly enough that I didn't really rest long ... just enough to know I could manager the return downhill. I just needed to be sure not to slip on the snow-covered steps, which took a bit of effort.

I was exhausted and my muscles ached when I got home. This always affects my brain. So I vegged on TV. I managed to catch the last 5 minutes of the Super Bowl game. Not much of a sports enthusiast, but I did find it engaging enough that I postponed my pre-bedtime bath. Too bad the 49ers couldn't carry that pigskin over the goal line one more time. It just would have made for a good underdog story!


I look forward to seeing you here for Walk and Click Wednesdays. Can't wait to see what you saw on your strolls.

Please join me in the adventure. The only "requirement" other than those below is that you go out walking and take some pictures. Please keep in mind that you don't have to walk, take pictures, process them, and post all on Wednesday ... take the weekend before to explore and a few days to process your photos ... then link up.

Walk and Click Wednesdays (WCW) Guidelines:

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Here are just a few guidelines to keep everyone on target.
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Have a great weekend and find some time to walk and click. ;->


  1. I think it was a beautiful outing. In my neck of the woods we don't see much snow, so it was nice to see it in your pictures.

  2. Hi.Beautiful photo series of snow mountain trails.
    It was good walking for you and your dog,is n't it?
    Thank you for hosting.

  3. Wow. This looks like tough going. Lucky you had your faithful friend along to give you companionship and encouragement.

  4. I am thinking that your 1 mile WAS 5 miles with all that climbing. Great cardio vascular. Good job Lissa. Your so sweet for the shout out on the weight loss. I just want to get healthier, and thankfully so far I am staying on track.

  5. Right from your first photo I was energized: c'mon Springtime! That's what Kobi seemed to be saying too! I loved "joining" you on this hike. Just the kind of trail that appeals to me.


  6. All that for no view!!! Omg....I would of been not happy...LOL. Your sweet boy pulling at the leash...my boy always does the same. Where do they find all that energy?

  7. I'm impressed you kept going despite not having the right shoes! I bet it's a beautiful spot in the spring or summer! At least Kobi seemed to have fun. :)

  8. beautiful walk Lissa, glad you persevered. Your photos are soooooo worth it. I promise I'll have a link up next week. I've got the pics just need to get a post together.

  9. Beautiful pictures, definitely worth the huffing and puffing ;).

  10. Great walk ! Thank you so much for sharing.

  11. I might not have taken this walk when I saw all those steps! My legs ache just looking at them! Congrats to you for keeping on. I'm just sorry you didn't have a view!

  12. These photos are a real treat, I really like that place so beautiful and romantic.

  13. Wow, this looks like such a great place to be with a camera (and that sweet little Kobi, of course!). Looks like a great workout too. :-)

  14. Gorgeous winter wonderland pics! Looks like your Wednesday walkers are growing!


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