Monday, July 23, 2012

Tales from Kobi: What is Your Tennis Ball?

My mama said I need to tell you this story.

One day a few weeks ago, we were out on Coal Creek trail--one of our favorite walks. It's close to home, so easy to access. On the way home, I found this tennis ball in the grass and carried it all the way home.

I used to chew through tennis balls, so after a while my mama only bought tough Kong toys for me. No more squeaky toys for me. But I guess I've grown up a bit and I really like playing with this ball. Of course, I still like my Kong balls.

I really love it when mama throws the ball for me and I can run up and down the stairs until I'm exhaust with happy. Then I plop down in my chair to rest ... until the next time.

While I'm lying in my chair guarding my tennis ball, mama talks to me. Most of the time I understand exactly what she's saying, but occasionally I'm not sure. "What?" I cock my head. It makes her laugh ... maybe that's why I do it ... to make her think I don't understand. I love it when she laughs ... it's like music.

Ok, enough talking about me and my toys. The real question is what's your "tennis ball"? What makes you so happy that you want to do it day after day? What do you love so much that you want to bring it to everyone's attention? How determined are you to share your tennis ball with everyone you meet?

I'd love to hear from you so I can share with my mama. She loves to play with pictures and she likes to tell my stories. Sometimes I have to go the extra mile to get her attention though. I whine and fuss a bit ... not too much, just enough to let her know I'm there. Then she'll throw the ball and I get to play some more.

I'll be waiting ... don't forget to share your "tennis ball."
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Textures thanks to Kim Klassen and Texture Tuesday: emptypage, Pixel Dust: Impressionist Music, and Shadowhouse Creations: Raised Effect.


  1. I wish my Scout would grow up and stop chewing through toys, but he is 9-1/2 so it is not so likely. I just love spending time with my family, that makes me the happiest.

  2. What makes me happy? Booting up the PC each morning - the possibilities are endless after that.

  3. I count my blessings, each and every one: at the top of a very long list...

    my faith - which holds the key to life
    my family - who hold the key to love
    riding my bike(s), which revives me
    my art - through which I try to express it all.

    Thanks for this post!

  4. Lissa - Great post and pictures! My tennis balls are: Sailing, dancing, time out doors, skiing, watching sunsets, traveling and adventure. There are so many things that I love in life! Of course my family and friends, like you! :)

  5. My dog has a bit of tennis ball love going on as well. I have many tennis balls, the ones that spring to mind right now (as I'm supposed to be doing my tax) are photography, eCourses, art journaling and getting comments on my blog :)

  6. Kobi is adorable!! With that face I'd be a sucker for supplying an endless supply of tennis balls!

  7. I agree with Carol love to open my computer to see what adventure I will go on today .... Great story Lissa and Kobo what a sweetie...

  8. Awwwww, what a wonderful post this is Lissa.
    Thank you sweet Kobi!
    Hmmmm, let's see...my tennis ball? I actually have a lot of tennis balls, but I am going to have to say, after my family, it would be my camera/photography.

  9. Great story! And your photos and editing of Kobi are outstanding! My tennis ball? My Mac and my camera!

  10. What a fun and creative post! I love how you used Kobi's tennis ball as an illustration. Very cool.

    My tennis balls? Defiantly photography, writing, and running. These are the things that I can't not do. We all DO have them, don't we?

    This is such a creative post. . . LOVE IT!!

  11. You can always ( nearly ) see me carrying my Nikon around in my teeth! My favorite toy ever!


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