Friday, July 20, 2012

Behind the Scenes: 5 Questions Link Up Party

Kim and Xanthe at Behind the Scenes invited us to answer five questions that they posed to get us thinking.

In case you have trouble reading the questions, I'm listing them here:

1. What makes you happy?….. in 5 words or less….?
2. What is your favourite movie, book or both?
3. Which talent would you most like to have?
4. Which words or phrases do you overuse most?
5. If you could go anywhere in the world for a creative retreat where might it be?

I love the possibilities this type of exercise has. It's another way of manifesting dreams, of bringing new experiences into your life consciously. I've never done this with creative imagery other than a dream board using magazine pictures, but I have had experience with writing out how I would like my future to evolve through journaling. I've been amazed at the synchronicity of outcomes. These types of exercises are really quite powerful.

Please pardon my expletive, but I'm afraid I do use them in the privacy of my car and home to let off steam and frustration.

Question 4 was particularly difficult for me because I am a bibliophile and movie watcher. It's almost impossible to choose a favorite. I love to learn, so whatever my current immersion is I will have stacks of books on the subject: writing, marketing, InDesign, Photoshop, personal growth, and more. I spend an inordinate number of hours watching movies. I love movies that focus on the underdog-makes-good and relationship reconciliation. Marilyn, one of my classmates, mentioned several other movies I really love here.

And question 5 was hard to nail down because there are lots of places I'd like to visit, but I went to Vancouver Island about 10 years ago and really loved it there. I think it would be a fabulous place to have a creative retreat.

Thanks Kim and Xanthe for all that you packed into this course.

For Behind the Scenes participants, I'm linking up at the Linky Party here.
Textures thanks to Kim Klassen: framedwhite and bentedges.
Thanks to Krist Adams for his Circle Dots.

So happy to have you visit, my friends.
Would love to know what's on your lists. ;->


  1. Love the colors and layout of your post!!

  2. very creative with your answer layout & i love your answer to number 2 :)

  3. What a great and creative way to do this! Love that you have shelfari too. I forgot I had it!! I'm looking forward to see the books you have :)

  4. Love the colors and everything about your layout to answer your questions. I would like to go back to Vancouver Island someday when it isn't raining really hard.

  5. Beautiful! Yes... Vancouver Island would be perfect. I'll meet you there. :)

  6. Great graphics Lissa, it's great that we have all had the same questions but have all approached it in different ways.

  7. so creative! wow I am impressed!

  8. Very wonderful work! I so get the book/movie thing...I chose two indie films that most haven't seen...that are meaningful to me. Love your graphic response. Very creative!!!

    Denise in Akron, Ohio from BTS

  9. Beautiful presentations, Lissa, and so nice to learn more about you.
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

  10. Enjoyed learning more about you. Hope your week is going well!

  11. LOVE LOVE your design on this assignment. Could you email me how you did the circle with the dots around it? Is it a brush or shape tool? So much appreciated.

  12. I love the thought process behind your answers. You did a great job being creative with displaying your answers.

  13. I love what you did with this assignment. Both how you presented your list, and the post itself...a really enjoyable read. You have inspired me: I hope to do this list too...soon.

  14. Lissa, I love the way you put this together. So creative!! You are really sweet to l link back to my blog. This class has been wonderful! I agree, though, there's so much it's almost overwhelming and too quickly coming to an end.

  15. Love this....I think it's the best creation on this 5 questions that I've seen so far. Go you! And thanks for visiting my blog, I love reading what others have to say :)

  16. Wonderfully creative - love the presentation


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