Sunday, July 15, 2012

Bring the voice of the creek into your home

I experimented with a couple of things today. First, I want to introduce my voice. We rarely have an opportunity to hear one anothers' voices, so I thought I'd take an opportunity to do so here. You can also get the sense of the gurgling of the fountain if you click the introduction player below. (Kobi helped with the sign ;->)

I used a neat little recorder app I found for iPad called Rec Lite. It was only $.99. I emailed the audio clip to myself and uploaded the .m4a to my FTP site on my laptop. I'm sure there is an easier way for iPad blog creators, but I figure if I can accomplish the task, that's the object of the game.

Have you ever made a table top fountain? I made this one TEN years ago for my corporate office! When I was laid off and the pump had died, I brought it home and it landed in the garage. It's not that I didn't have another pump, it's just that I was ... eh-hem ... lazy! Well, today I finally got motivated to fix it/recreate it. It was nice to have an excuse ... to create instructions on how to make one. I hope you find it useful.

Click the image above to see the complete Snapguide on making the fountain.

I played with Snapguide, another form of social media and instruction platform, and made my very first how-to guide on making this indoor fountain. I discovered I have to take pictures in portrait format. If I take them landscape, they import sideways into the guide layout. Oh well, live and learn. Now, it should be a piece of cake to create my next one.

This is what it looks like in place, bringing the creek into my home. Kobi loves to lie beside my chair in my meditation room. Obviously soothing for him too. Maybe I'll spend more time there now!

Texture thanks to Kim Klassen's Beyond Layers: Yesteryear used on all images in this post.


  1. Just found your blog... I enjoyed your Snapguide tutorial and your voice too. I will be visiting again for sure! :)

  2. Hello Lissa! Thanks again for your comment on the guest post thing in BTS.
    Your blog is very nice and relaxing. I love your voice post (and what a soft, soothing voice you have) and think it is such a good idea. The table fountain.... I simply love it! Got one too, but I'm afraid I didn't make it myself. I did buy it myself though :-) It's like a little waterfall and I put it on every time I want to relax and in my thought can go to that special place near a little (non-existent) creek where nobody can hurt me, or disturbs me.. It helps so much.
    So it was a nice connection point besides BTS! Will sure come back.
    Marleen (from bts).

  3. Hi Lissa, It was so nice to hear your voice! It's as soothing as your fountain. I'll have to take a look at that app and see if I can figure out how to just do voice recording for my blog. =)

  4. This is fantastic, Lisa, and it looks so easy to do.

  5. I loved hearing your voice, Lissa! And that fountain gurgling is very soothing - thanks for showing us how to do it. Now I know what a Snapguide is!!

  6. Very cool.... I've not seen Snapguide before. Fun hearing your voice too. You are just going gangbusters with this class. Keep having fun!


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