Saturday, March 3, 2012

An Obsession: Stages of a pancake

If it's not Kobi, it seems to be pancakes I'm taking pictures of lately. I'm overtaken by an obsession.

Pancakes are pretty interesting to photograph. They start out as a thick liquid batter. Then bubble themselves into light, fluffy, warm pillows. I like to smother mine in butter, sugar, and syrup.Yummy.

A question came to me earlier today. How does one hold hope lightly?

Have you ever wanted something so badly you felt wound up tighter than a spring? You want the boyfriend to call. You want to attend a conference you can't afford and are wishing for a windfall. You want that new job, but they haven't called you for an interview. You met a new potential client, but they haven't committed. You want to pay off your debt yesterday because three years down the road feels too long. You want to feel better when you caught the bug that's going around. Does this sound familiar? I've experienced all these things at one time or another.

So how do I hope without obsessing? How do I hold hope lightly?

Make pancakes. Seriously. Then take pictures. Do something that engages my mind. Write about it. Live my life.  It kind of goes back to the Serenity Prayer, but different.

God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.

Maybe it's the next step; holding hope lightly. Maybe it's about doing the work and releasing the outcome, and remaining positive that good things will come. Maybe the answers will look different than we think, but the bottom line will be the same.

Maybe the boyfriend you're expecting a phone call from won't call, but you'll meet someone new who will. Maybe you'll be able to afford the conference because someone can't make it, so they gift you the registration. Maybe they haven't called for the interview because  they have to go through the process, which just takes time. Maybe that potential client hasn't committed because she is scared, needs to save up the money, or wants to wait until she knows what she wants to accomplish. Maybe you just have to take paying off that debt one step at a time and it's having patience and perseverance that you are to learn. And about getting sick and hoping to get better in the snap of a finger. Well, that just ain't gonna happen most of the time! <sigh> But you will probably get much needed rest.

I know if I stay so focused on another's action or something that is out of my control, I am paralyzed. But I also know it's really challenging to hold hope lightly. I just keep hoping. Hoping that it will all work out just the way I want it to. This way doesn't allow for serendipity. It also doesn't allow for something better to come along. I must be ready to receive with open hands. The tight spring. The clenched fists. These don't allow me to accept unexpected good.

I'd love to hear your stories of holding hope lightly.
Happy weekend to you, my friends.


  1. Susan W. from FBMarch 3, 2012 at 7:26 AM

    You and your pancakes! LOL! They ARE lovely to photograph, and I bet even lovelier to eat. Your insights in this blog posting are profound. I've placed several of your phrases in my "favorite quotes" file, with attribution of course. I love the way your photography is providing these windows into wisdom.

  2. In other words, when life batters you...make pancakes? Ah. I like it! And pancakes. And your photography and musings.

  3. You are so right, Lissa. Nothing like getting involved in something that engages your mind and soul so the things that need to be worked out can be worked out without our interference.

    Two phrase that I rely on a lot [in addition to the Serenity Prayer - what wisdom!]

    1. Show up, 2. Pay attention. 3. speak your truth. 4. Let go of attachment to outcomes. - Angeles Arrien

    This or something better for the highest good for all concerned. - Shakti Gawain

  4. This is a beautiful, heartfelt post. And the prayer is something I'm going to be praying for the next few months :)

    But, now...it is time to make pancakes (well, time to ask my husband to make 'em cause they turn out so perfect when he does 'em).


  5. This is a beautiful and thoughtful post. Just beautiful. I love every word. However, these are my favorite. . .

    "Maybe it's about doing the work and releasing the outcome."

    So, so true.

    Thank you for this.

  6. Lissa - Thank you for sharing your musings about holding hope lightly. I just recently had an experience of re-awakening hope as it had been shadowed by doubt, fear, grief. Ah...to have hope again, but then to surrender and hold it lightly!


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