Saturday, March 3, 2012

Holding Hope Lightly collage

Last night I posted a philosophical missive on holding hope lightly. If you are interested in the whole story you'll find it there.

Today, I discovered Pixel Dust Photo Art's Statement Frame, which she suggested using as a canvas. And thanks to Krist Adams' circle dots and texture thanks to Kim Klassen: evolve.

click to see larger image

This canvas inspired creativity to be bit artsy. I went back a couple weeks to find the images that complemented the background. The geese treed lightly down a sandy hill toward a local pond. The rocks and branch seemed to be a child's sidewalk art. And one morning as I got to work I noticed the frost on the bushes. This image portrays holding hope lightly better than pancakes! ;->

I continue to hold hope lightly by doing my art and "watching" movies that have been inspirational to me—movies about you girls who stepped out and followed their dreams. Definitely chick flicks, but if you like that sort of thing, check out Brave New Girl and Ice Princess. The singular message in both movies is "put more you in it." I like that.

Hoping you all have a "light" weekend.

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