Friday, March 16, 2012

Couch-bound ... Black and White

I've been couch-bound for a couple of days and still recovering from an invasive bug (a cold of sorts), so wishfulness or maybe wistfulness takes me back a couple of weeks when I was able to take a walk on one of the many Boulder County foot/bike paths.

This reflection of bare winter branches in a placid pond with melting ice brought me peace as I sat drinking in the day. I wondered what it might be like to visit such a place on lunch hours and regular weekend jaunts.

mouseover to see before image

As I continued on, I found something that made me smile even thought my conservative self might usually consider this defacement of property. I enjoyed the lines and shadows and the symbology of the words painted beside the opening in the concrete wall.

mouseover to see before image

I went with black and white on these because they seemed likely candidates for Kim Klassen's Beyond Layers challenge this week. She has a way of coming up with ideas that help me stretch and consider other ways of processing the pictures I take. Thanks Kim.

Used Kim's texture on both images: paperlove


  1. I hope you're feeling better! You had some nice memories to help you pass the time and you've done such a wonderful job with the photos!

  2. Being laid up is no fun is it? Get better soon!

  3. I hope you feeling better too! I think both the images you posted look better in black and white...the contrast achieved using b/w adds such interest.

  4. Good one. But that's not unusual. :-) You continue to produce amazing creative work. Glad we could talk yesterday for a bit.


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