Saturday, March 3, 2012

Hope sees the invisible ...

Kim Klassen has a way of inspiring in a way I have not experienced but a few times in my life. She draws me in to hear what she's saying with her quiet, gently way. She draws me out of my shell to create things I had no inkling were inside me.

This week's theme is Black and White and creating brushes, otherwise thought of as stamps. The image here is a window waterfall at work. The background is rather unexciting, but it offers a canvas for the sheet of water flowing inside the frosted sheets of glass. I'm having fun with my "hope" theme, so the quote I chose reflects a manifestation of hoping.

mouseover to see with a touch of color ...

Used two layers of Kim's texture seriousmagic.

Short and sweet for now.
Pleasant dreams, my friends.


  1. I am a firm believer in HOPE. When hope is lost, all is lost.

  2. Excellent work, lovely blog!
    Glad we connected via Beyond Layers xx


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