Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Drawing a bright future

We all have our ways and beliefs for living this life. It's important to follow whatever guidance that serves us. I find the use of Runes, Medicine Cards, and Angel Cards provide suggestive guidance that helps me straighten out my mind (sometimes). As many of my friends know, I often go astray, but I keep trying and when I pay attention these tools help me stay more positively focused.

While I was sick (ah, I'm feeling human again!), I drew the Butterfly Medicine Card, which indicates transformation. This applies to so many avenues in my life right now that when I read the invitation to do the Butterfly spread, I was ready.

The meaning to me is still evolving and is personal, but I think it is interesting to outline the spread. Maybe some of these ideas will speak to you.

You are changing
Emerge into your new state of being
Honor your transformation

East (right): the seed
Open yourself to miracles
Use new eyes
Believe in magic
Embrace life's wonders

South (bottom): early doing
Have a plan
Use common sense
Honor the strategy that works best for you

West (left): coccoon/higher purpose/transformation
Accept the gift of grace
Surrender to the flow
Don't give up--give over

North (top): rewards to be gained/manifestation
Be loyal to yourself
Be true to others
Bolster your integrity

Anyway, not only was it good for me to have this spread to focus on, but I had a ball creating an artistic piece with the image. I think this goes along with my One Little Word 2012: Abundance as well. I've fallen behind on that project, but it's still there ... sitting in my mind ... germinating. And I think some of these concepts of transformation play a part in guiding me toward that abundance. Of course, abundance isn't just about money. It's about being. About fulfillment. Satisfaction. Growth.

I think this may be my year of discovery.

I hope there is something here that piques your interest and makes you wonder or consider a new way of doing things. Wishing you all a great week!


  1. I like the signposts you've erected for your continuing journey, Lissa. Well done!

  2. Lisa, I love this, and I am glad you are feeling better!

  3. Lissa - Your card spread seems so "right on" for where you are at. What awesome confirmation! I love how you used it creatively to share! Inspiring!!


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