Sunday, March 18, 2012

Black and white-color combos

I took a very short walk with Kobi today at Legion Park that overlooks Valmont Reservoir and power plant (Boulder, CO). I've got a full-blown cold and more than a half hour doing anything just saps my energy. I know I'll be better soon as colds just run the course. The good news is I'm eating lots and lots of wonderful veggie soup. Yum!

mouseover for before image
Yucca pods
mouseover for before image

No textures, but I'm loving playing with black and white color combos.


  1. i love your b/w treatment, esp the pinecones! beautiful

  2. Yucca pods are one of my favorite "things" to photograph. I love how they look...in color or black and white. Your post-processing is fabulous! The touch of brown is beautiful!


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