Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Film and Canisters

As I looked for things obsolete to capture for Flickr group Macro Mondays, I was inspired to put this composition together. Four left-over film rolls from ten years ago when I was shooting film. As I shot this image, I began to wonder what the shelf life is of film. I'm guessing these rolls are, in fact, obsolete.

Then I decided to research the subject. I seen mixed reviews on Google. Some say if refrigerated or frozen, the chemicals could hold up. If not, there could be some color shifting, but that could be rectified in Photoshop. It appears it's a gamble. I suppose maybe one day if I have nothing better to do and money to burn on the developing, I'll experiment.

Textures thanks to Shadowhouse Creations


  1. Oh and by the way, Ilike your little bookshelf on your sidebar. So cute.... so I am also a person who starts a new book every few days. Not necessarily a good practice unless you are really good at skimming. My nightstand was also getting pretty bad.... in fact, I had to go to IKEA and get a bookshelf to supplement the nightstand. UGH.... guess I had better not get one on my sidebar too. LOL

  2. My old film is still in my old camera.... in the drawer. Think it still may have some pictures on the film.


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