Monday, October 3, 2011

56 Years of Devotion - Mom's Wedding Rings

For Macro Monday: "favorite smallest thing"

The wear on these rings is obvious.

The engagement ring was a miniature of Dad's West Point class ring. He was class of 1940. Mom and Dad were married in December after Dad graduated. Those rings went everywhere her hands went: scrubbed sinks and toilets, played golf, stirred sauces and gravy, held hands, tied shoes, carried children, wrote letters, smoked cigarettes, gardened, and more.

There used to be an eagle on each side, barely perceptible now. The name of the school and year of graduation almost completely worn away.

Mom died in 1996. Dad in 2008. I hold these rings dear as a reminder not only of them, but of the true meaning of the word commitment and how when fully engaged for the long haul our rough edges are smoothed.

Kim Klassen - seriousmagic
French Kiss - Paris Papers
Paper Textures by Hibbary - bg013 and bg014

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