Sunday, June 24, 2012

Walks with My Mom by Kobi

I love to go for walks with my mom. She often takes me by the nearby Coal Creek where she lets the leash loose and I get to explore. I like it when I don't have to be tethered so tightly.  She just walks along and lets me discover new smells, then run to catch up with her.

Last Wednesday, we went in the early evening as the sun was lowering in the sky and there were these very cool sun rays peeking through the clouds. This day we met a guy named Brandon and his dog. Hmmm, I can't remember his name, but he was a very pretty shade of red. He was bigger than me and really didn't want to play much. In fact, he went for a swim in the creek. Mom doesn't let me do that because then I need a serious bath when I get home! Maybe one day she'll let me have that kind of fun.

By the way, she told me to tell you that she left her "good" camera at home and all these pics were taken with her Blackberry!

Yesterday, we went to Cold Stone Creamery for ice cream. Well, really so mom could get ice cream. I am forever hopeful that I'll get lick or two. It was soooo hot. She said it was 104º. Whew! At least she gave me some water to drink while I waited patiently hoping I'd get rewarded for my good behavior.

Yummmm! I licked the cup clean. Coffee and chocolate! Oh, she knows not to give me chocolate, but a few licks won't hurt me. She's so sweet. I love my mama.

Then we got in the car to go to the Broomfield Community Park. I really like it there. We walk the path around the pond. Watch the duckies. And there were babies today! This one got separated from its mama. My mom wished she'd had her good camera for this one. Oh well. Some days are like that.

Then we went to the secret garden she found last week with a flower-lined path and a cool wooden bench. It's a very neat secluded little place where Mom likes to read and write. Good thing she learned how to do that when she was little.

I just sit and watch the world go by. Mom gave me some more water since it was so hot out. But it wasn't too bad in the shade--as long as we weren't moving.

And sometimes I liked sitting up on the bench next to her. She had an awful lot to write about yesterday. I wonder what she says in that little book of hers. I guess it doesn't matter as long as she remembers to take care of me and hug me and snuggle with me. That's what I really like about Mom. She loves me sooooo much.

Finally, she decided she'd had enough sitting and writing. And boy, was I ready to go. I can only be patient so long, then I want to run and play. As we walked back to the car we saw this neat gnome statue. He looks so happy! Wish mom was that happy all the time, but I guess that's the trouble with humans. She could learn so much from me, you know. I mean, I'm happy just to eat, drink, walk, and sleep. Oh, and don't forget play. Humans seem to need to find some magical meaning to life. Don't you guys get it? It's just about being happy with what you got. Sheesh.

The gnome guy is for sale--any of you guys have $11,500 to spend on this statue? It's called Green Thumb. If you do, you can call the Broomfield Cultural Affairs Office at 303.464.5835. The artist is Sutton Betti.

It's good there was at least a slight breeze. It made it a bit more bearable. And it sure makes our flag look pretty in the sky. Wish those clouds would bring some rain. All those fires here in Colorado are burning my mom's favorite places to take me hiking. There are a total of TEN fires now and they all seem to be growing. Hopefully we'll get some rain soon. You guys all gotta say your prayers and do your rain dances, k? If we all just imagine it, it's gotta fix things, right?
We'll that's it for today. Wishing you all happy days 'cause my mom likes you, so I like you too.

Have a great week and remember to find pleasure in eating, drinking (water's best), walking, and sleeping. And don't forget to play once in a while. That's what it's all about, my friends.


  1. What a delightful treat to see and hear Kobi's perspective on his walks with you, Lissa. You have quite an observant and smart dog--and fortunate--dog!

  2. What a wonderful post this is, Lissa!
    Thank you for taking us along.

  3. What a cute post, Lissa. I like Kobi's philosophy on life too - we could sure learn from that! Or maybe you already have learned it since you after all are the "voice of Kobi" =)

  4. What a delightful read! And great photos with the Blackberry! Seriously!

    Good luck with the fires and heat. Praying God sends some rain to Colorado.

  5. Loved this post. What a cutie! And such a cool secret garden spot to write. I'll keep y'all in my prayers that the fires don't come any closer! Love Kobi's philosophy on life - we need to take lessons, don't we?


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