Sunday, June 10, 2012

Saving a life

Earlier today, I went out to give the grass a drink. Hooking Kobi to a long leash, we sat for a bit while sprinkling water. It was nice to be outdoors with the breeze and birds a-twitter.

I spiraled the hose back into place and as I walked into the garage Kobi was sniffing at something, which I promptly commanded leave-it and put him in the house. Investigating Kobi's curiosity, I discovered a baby bird stuck between the concrete slabs.

Using a DQ spoon that I'd left on the workbench in the garage, I lifted the little puff ball up on the the driveway to see if he could move about. He did. Yay!

I continued to scoot him along until he was on the cool wet grass under a bush so he didn't expire due to the heat of the concrete.

Do baby birds' feathers change color depending on their surroundings? I was surprised to see that this baby was more brown while in the crack and more gray/blue when he got under the bush. I love the little downy bits he still has showing.

After taking these pictures, I left him there hoping he'd survive in the shade. Thanks to Kobi, I think we saved a life today.

I suppose this is the least I can do as the news reports a wild fire out of control in the Rocky Mountains--in the past 24 hours the High Park fire has expanded to 14,000 acres. The wind isn't helping and Highway 287 is closed due to lack of visibility. This is all about 45 miles north and west of me in Lafayette.

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  1. Glad that you and Kobi were able to save this little fluffball. HOpe his mom came and finished the rescue. Wow that sounds like a huge fire. Those are so scary. Can really appreciate the damage having my cabin up in the mountains. will pray for a quick stop to this! Have a great week Lissa!

  2. That's one grateful little bird!

  3. Lissa- I must admit, I got a kick out of the mental visual I had picturing you scoot this little bird across your yard. What amazing shots. . . each one of them.

    I have seen the news about the fires out there. . . so scary!

    And once again. . . your quotes? They slay me! Love this one. . .

  4. The High Park fire is now being reported to have burned 22,000 acres with zero containment. Saying prayers that the weather changes. ~bedtime

  5. Lissa - I love this post! :)

  6. Oh, he's precious! So glad Kobi saw him and you followed up! I'm sure he made it. Saying a prayer about that fire. I've been away from the news and had no idea!

  7. Atta boy Kobi!!!!
    And bless your heart, Lissa!
    Hopefully this little angel will find his way.
    Sending prayers your way that these fires will end.

  8. You're now officially a superhero! Kobi gets star status for that one too!

  9. Good for Kobi for finding the bird and kudos for you for rescuing it and realizing that its parents were likely nearby. At least I hope they were.

    The wildfires have started awfully early this year.


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