Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Creative Expression: Contemplation

Photoshop Artistry supplied the image of Andrew Constantino, a street musician in Ashville, NC. Using some new textures, brushes, and adding a stroke I created a new frame. Layer masks and blending modes were used extensively.

Check out the before and after by scrolling your mouse over the image.

mouseover to see before image

Textures by Kim Klassen
Textures, brushes, and primary image by Photoshop Artistry


  1. I love the photoshop artistry course I must get back to it soon. Love your piece of art.

  2. You have blended the layers very nicely. It could be an album cover.
    I'm enjoying your adventures in Photoshop Artistry.

  3. I too LOVE this course....so much to take in with this class. You do such great work.

  4. Very nice. This course never took hold of me, but thankfully with life time access maybe my time will come.

  5. Great coloring Lissa. He does look quite sad.


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