Monday, September 14, 2015

Facing Change

When I read Jan Phillips' poem from her Museletter September 14, 2015 I could totally relate as I seem to be in a new season of my life. I've cheated death. I've challenged my body. And I've traveled new paths. It made me want to create. So with my photos as a foundation and her poem as inspiration, I came up with this composite. I used my photo of a Yellowstone spring as primary and a close-up of rock at Artist Point in Yellowstone as background.

In addition, we are approaching my favorite season of change ... that in which petals wilt, leaves turn yellow, orange, and red, and the air cools. Yes, nature does this so gracefully. Why don't we?

Most of the people I know have trouble with change. I know I do although I've been a bit better.

The winds of change have blown my friend Sharon on to yet another new venture. She spent this summer in Grant Village at Yellowstone National Park in Camper Services. She called herself the Latrine Queen, cleaning showers, helping in the laundry, and dealing with summer campers. In a few weeks she will start training to be an Interpretive Guide for YNP. That sounds very exciting.

I am in that transition. Looking for work. Wondering what's next. Hoping the gentle winds of change bring me to a place of productivity and happiness. I've truly enjoyed being healthy again and having the freedom to go where the heart wants to wander.


  1. So glad your heart is ready to wander again. Anxious to see where it goes.

  2. From Sharon Frizzell on FB: Thank you for the shout out and for passing on this wonderful poem. It was another hard night horsing the hose and swinging the mop, and so nice to open this up and feel hugged.

  3. From cj Madigan on FB: Oh, Lissa, I love all your art work but this one particularly appealed to me. And such a wonderful poem. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Change is continual if we keep asking ourselves questions about what we want and where we want to go. I loved that poem!


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