Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Colorado Trail: Marmot and the Stone Room

The Colorado Trail was everything and nothing, different but the same, and exciting and numbing. For these reasons I've had some trouble assimilating the experience and finding a way to write about it. With that said, creating my first composite helps me tell the story.

The skies shifted from clear blue to baby blue with clouds to storm clouds--sometimes all in the same day. There were broad vistas. The occasional surprise like the stone room ruin. And of course the marmots above tree line. So this composite actually puts this Mr. Marmot out of his element. In addition, I loved all the mushrooms that ranged from bland brown to bright red.

Textures by Kim Klassen
Textures and frame by Photoshop Artistry

This image tells a story of a variety of experiences that the separate images could not do so well for me. Some of my favorite things on the trail.

I hope to create some additional composites. Maybe I will finally be able to share this experience in only a dozen images rather than 500!


  1. I can imagine the idea of sharing this experience is overwhelming! Great idea to do it in composites. This one is really cool!


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