Saturday, May 12, 2012

Focus ...

Focus has many definitions.

There is how rays of light converge in a camera lens allowing a photographer to render clarity on different points in an image.

Or to adjust one's vision as to render a clear, distinct image.
Or to concentrate attention or energy on a subject.
Or the center on an interest or activity.

My first assessment of the last few weeks is that I've been unfocused, but upon contemplation, my focus has just shifted depending on priorities.

Sometimes I've been focused on the job search;
sometimes on interview preparation;
sometimes on letting my brain rest;
sometimes on cleaning/clearing parts of my home;
and finally I get back to photo processing.

Today, I took a journey to the past. I reconnected with my friend Debbie in Phoenix. I teased that it had been a hundred years since we spoke. Close, but not quite. She and I were pregnant with our first children at the same time. We shared nursing, diaper, first foods, crawling, walking, first day of school stories as they grew. Then we did it again with our second children. It was amazing to catch up now that our toddlers are now grown men and women and her beautiful oldest daughter recently marriage. Passages. Reminds me of Gail Sheehy's book. And that takes me back a few years.

Then I got back to learning something new. I always feel alive when I engage in this process. I let Kobi help me create a pop-through image. If you want to try this effect, see Steve Patterson's pop/punch-through tutorial. For those of you who have followed me on Flickr, these images will be familiar/redundant, but I thought it was time to catch up on my blog.

Earlier last week, in Kim Klassen's Beyond Layers, she talked about those who brings light into our lives. This sweet boy always shines a bright light for me. He's giving me the eye here! ;-> I made a composite texture background from Kim Klassen's chase and Pixel Dust Autrefois.

... and I found myself taking macros of my food. First, the two tomatoes on the vine that were on the counter caught my eye. Then, an orange nearby. Somehow, I felt they belonged together. What might it look like if an orange grew on the tomato vine?

Later, it was time to eat the delectable fruits sliced by the sharp edge of a silver blade. Yes, I seem to enjoy playing with my food; hence, the variety of perspective here.

And lastly, a week ago today, I was challenged to take a "wet/water" picture for my Macro Mondays Flickr group. The weather cooperated last weekend. I took this picture through the arcadia door, thus this is the back of the leaf with the droplets on the other side.

Tomorrow my focus may be on something else. Maybe back to putting books on the shelves in my "new" sacred place, the spare bedroom that has been vacant for three years! Or scanning more job opportunities. Or maybe the rain will stop and Kobi and will go for a walk. Sometimes being serially focus feels scattered. Sometimes it's an excuse. Often it is just part of life.

Until next time, my friends.
Thanks for reading if you got this far.
Happy Sunday to all.

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  1. Lissa - I like your commentary on "focus". It's something I feel I need more of these days! Great pictures. It seems like you are having fun!!


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