Monday, September 26, 2011

An unusual subject

As I began my journey playing with my new extension tubes yesterday, this was one of the first photos I took. 

I looked around my kitchen for a subject. First, I tried the writing inside my Caribou Coffee cup, "Life is short, stay awake for it." Then I tried a simple subject, the utility bill--just to see if I could get the hang of focusing properly with the tubes. But when I noticed the yam that never made it down the disposal but still sat on the plate on the kitchen counter, I was intrigued. I put it on the table, took a few shots, then saw the sunlight shining through the arcadia door. That was it. I moved my remnant yam into the light and voila, there you have it--a stalagmite of yam!

This conjures up an amusing series of abandoned food. I think this yam made for a beautiful specimen.

1 comment:

  1. I think its very rich looking. I didn't know it was a yam, but that doesn't take anything away from it. Nicely done.


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