Monday, March 27, 2017

Tootling Around: Masonville, CO 3/26/17

Sometimes I just need to get out of the house. With working from home it is easy to feel like you're working all the time or not at all. Even though working from home gives you have the freedom to take time at unusual times, often escaping still happens on weekends.

Yesterday, it was one of those days. Sometimes I actually plan where I'm going. Sometimes I just jump in the car and drive. These adventures most often open me up to opportunities I wouldn't have otherwise.

I headed west, then north, then west, and north ... I wish I'd managed to track my entire trip on a map, but here is a composite that will give you some idea of the journey I took.

In a short time I was simply passing through Longmont on Hover Rd. Just before the Hwy 119 intersection and I saw this beautifully flowering tree.

Then just up the road, this ... two seasons in just a short drive.

Whenever I had an inclination to turn, I did. My objective was to stay close to the Rocky Mountains and see what I could find. I remember my son, Scott, saying, "I always take a different route so I can see new things." So, I stayed away from the high-traffic routes as much as possible. Eventually I found myself driving next to a body of water, which later I found myself often doing as I tootled around. Lon Hagler State Wildlife Area

Lon Hagler State Wildlife Area in Loveland, CO

Sometimes the cloudy days bring a different character than our frequent sunny days. Those two tiny spots along the shore are people fishing. They must be diehards. Or maybe this day was the only time they had and they were seizing the moment. I like to think they were good friends or lovers who never let anything stop them.

a selfie of sorts with Kobi

I stopped here to take Kobi for a walk. It was a bit chilly so I didn't last too long, but Kobi always enjoys a bit of "outside" time.

Along the way, it began to rain. This didn't stop me. On I went to see what I could discover. When you travel these side roads in Colorado, you travel through lots of farm land. I almost passed up these relics, but turned around an captured them. An old truck, a grain silo, and a mailbox with an engine part as its support.

As providence would have it, I was running low on gas (I find myself in this predicament all too often), so I was looking for a way to get back to civilization. But before I found the sign, 10 miles to Ft. Collins, I found the Masonville Mercantile.

I really wanted to refresh my coffee, but the mercantile was not a coffee shop and there didn't seem to be much else around.

I wandered around just to see what they were all about. In some people's books, it would be just a lot of stuff. It was a lot of stuff squeezed into a pretty small space, but there were some things that caught my attention. Hats, a model in a pay phone booth, a guilded cash register that was modernized (notice the keypad and digital display), and Mardi herself (the owner).

Before I left, I enjoyed a "hat" moment. Do you suppose this would make a nice Derby hat? Honestly, I would never be found at a Derby and most likely never be seen in this hat, but it was fun! (eyes look closed as I was taking a selfie)

Before I left, I went to purchase a treat. As it turns out, I had no cash on me (this is a common problem for me), and Mardi didn't take credit cards for such small purchases. But, she said I could take my treat with a promise to come back. I love when I run across people so trusting! So I enjoyed my Heath bar as I headed home.

I passed by Horsetooth Reservoir. I'd never been there. Looks like a great place to enjoy some water sports.Then I tootled on to meander through Ft. Collins on my way home listening to a digital book on my smart phone.

It was a great adventure ... Sunday drive ... 104 miles round trip. And no, I did not run out of gas!


  1. Great trip. Wandering always brings new delights.

    1. Thanks for visiting, Sarah! It's good to be wandering again. You have inspired me! ;-)

    2. Thanks for sharing your day trip, Lissa. Going on such excursions is one of my favorite things to do, and you've inspired me to start taking more photos when I'm on such getaways! Three cheers for you.

    3. Thanks Bruce! I'm glad to be back out on the road!

  2. There just isn't anything like a day long road trip. Good to see you and Kobi again.

    1. Good to see you here, Carol. It's great to be back on the road and in the blogosphere!


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