Monday, March 13, 2017

Random Catching Up: Nederland, CO 2/19/17

It was a Sunday. I needed to get out of the house. I'd been having trouble doing that since I broke my ankle in October. Mostly, I just couldn't walk for a while. Then it just turned into a bad habit. I thrive on being outside, but sometimes I forget how refreshing it is.

My initial idea was to go to The Train Cars Coffee Shop and do a little remote working. I did manage to find it, wandered through.

The outside of the train cafe

Inside: the menu and staff. They were very friendly and I will take some time there my next trip out that way. I love the sign: "I just want to sip coffee and pet my dog." I'm surprised that wasn't enough to entice me to stay there.

Seating inside the train cafe

I didn't stay there though, finding myself rather indecisive. So Kobi and I wandered down to a park, a short distance away, where we found a little winter wonderland.

I loved the iced-over pond and cross-over bridge. The temperature was moderate and there really wasn't that much snow. Just the remnants here ... at least where I was. I didn't explore much more that day.

Another bridge ... a cross-over from some of the town homes to the park.

Looking out over Barker Reservoir in the distance. I wasn't up for going too far on the snow-covered path. I was still pretty skittish about slipping.

My favorite sound comes from streams and creeks.

After our little wander, I went to another coffee shop I'd passed, New Moon Bakery and Cafe and landed there for a short time. The staff explained several dishes they liked, but I stuck with tried and true, coffee and cake. But I was restless as Kobi waited in the car. I didn't manage to get more than 15 minutes of work done.

In addition, I'm too connected. I got a text while I snacked that my new external drive was waiting on my doorstep. So, I headed home. I didn't want something that valuable sitting out in the open for too long.

I need a road trip. Something I can get my head wrapped around. Something I can get excited about.


  1. At least you got started! Even though my morning walks with Belle are one of my favorite things, there are some mornings when I have so much to do that I balk about going. I'm grateful she won't let me get by with that. I'm always glad I went. I wouldn't have been able to relax knowing my puppy in waiting in the car, either, though. I'm sure you'll have something planned soon! I'm glad you're well enough to walk again!

    1. Thanks Barbara. Yes, getting out can sometimes be a challenge. Glad Belle pushes you to do so.

  2. I feel the road trip itch too now that things are finally settling down here. But first lots of painting so hopefully the warmer weather holds off for just a bit longer. Love the look of that train coffee shop.

    1. Thanks Sarah, I'm anxious to see you paintings and and where you next road trip may take you.


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